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[Game] Write a fake preview of GTA VI

Recommended Posts


- Any setting you'd like

- You work for a publication called Weazel Gamers

- You have played a bit of free-roam and just one mission

- Keep it short it's not a review

- No arguments about each other's previews, this is for fun

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Posted (edited)

The R* Marketing team people told me that after jumping over this wall, I would see the largest and most in-depth open world Rockstar has yet created, a stunning re-creation of Miami and surrounding areas with never before seen immersion and interactivity, fully displaying the power of the 9th generation consoles,


but I didn't get that far



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Posted (edited)

Hell for story mode players, heaven for online players!

So it's 2025 and Weazel Gamers sent me to Rockstar games headquarter to play GTA VI before release date! 
It begins in Liberty City and it's modern!(2025) First Mission was to steal a car full of drugs from a big mafia family I tried to do the mission without making noises and killing them but for no reason they found out I was there and I had no other way than killing all of them! after killing all of enemies (It took 30mins) I run away with the car full of drugs! 
First thing I noticed how tight was liberty city's streets for a car chase! and I couldn't get ride of police because in every corner there was a police camera + flying gadgets + oppresors +...! after 1 hour I got ride of police too... and then I noticed I'm a wanted man because they had my finger trip + my face on cameras! 
All of my in game friends were black and female people and all of enemies were straight white male men! I asked them why there is no white male friend and no black or female enemy! and they stared at me like they were Samuel L. Jackson... I don't know why I asked a simple question! one of them said it's Liberty City the dark city (the doomers city) what do you expect? I said I expect some next gen details! they said your oppresors will change it's color based on how you treat it! I said Bruuuuh! 

Anyways After playing in free roam for a while my brain was exploding because of glorious graphics-physics-animations... PS5 Pro was running the game in 4K 30FPS! I asked them about 60FPS option they told me next year VI comes to PC for 60FPS you need RTX 6080 with DLSS3.0! also expanded and enhancement version is coming to PS6 in a few years! I said ok bruh!! now tell me about other part of map... they told me Los Santos will be unlocked after playing first mission in online! and it will have story missions but only in online! and I also played a mission in online you and your friends have to lock missiles on some cars with your oppresor mk3 in first GTAO2 mission! and then Lester called me on my smart watch.....! 

Also one of R* employees told me (can't tell you his name) that Dan Houser left the R* because he wanted to game to be in 80s Vice City and 70s Las Venturas but Strauss Zelnick was against it! so that's why project got rebooted and it took so long! 

As a Weazel Gamers reporter I say forget this game and go play your GTA Trilogy Remastered! ....can not Wait for GTA7!!! 
(Reminder for smart people: It's fake/joke don't attack me! lol)

Edited by WanteD1
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The Best GTA game of all the series, perhaps this is one of the most ambitious project that R* games has ever done, the map includes all the cities of the previous game, Las Venturas, San Fierro, Vice City even a fiction type of Portland in GTA III


Sadly though the maps are locked with a loot boxes and paywall


Welcome to the boring age of gaming, where everything means money 😂

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Posted (edited)

So the team here at Weazel games got to play GTA VI over the weekend at Rockstar's fancy headquarters in New York and we gotta say from the short time we spent playing it this is the most revolutionary game in the history of the entire video game industry


Rockstar has captured the 80s in Vice City again and like they say the third time's the charm. Forget Vice City and Vice City stories and hell even the Scarface game this is the definitive 80s Miami experience. Vice City has been recreated again and looks more realistic and bigger than ever with a map that covers all of Miami Dade county and a lot more a whole lot more I couldn't explore a lot of the map but one of the developers told me that the game also features a version of the everglades, the Florida keys, and a lot more surprises with a smile.  I only got to play one mission and I was crying when the mission was over as I realized that I wouldn't be able to play this game again for a few months until it releases.


Our mission started with our Protagonist Ricardo on his way to a drug deal. On the drive there the dynamic score that was introduced in V started playing Rockstar has hired both Tim Truman and Jan Hammer who worked on Miami Vice to produce it and it sounded amazing. The driving also feels very different and more realistic, cars feel like they have more weight and each car handles differently. The dualsense on the PS5 and on Xbox's new similar controller makes it feel even better you can feel when your car shifts gears up or down. If you're driving an exotic 80's supercar you can feel and hear it's power some cars will throw Ricardo back in his seat if going fast enough. If you're driving a convertible with the top down Ricardo's hair and clothing will start blowing in the wind.


We arrived at the location of the drug deal a cemetery and very quickly we could tell things weren't going to go smoothly. We had a cutscene with rockstar showing off some amazing cinematography techniques that made it feel like we were in an high budget TV show or beautifuly shot movie. We had the coke but the buyer had different plans after showing us the money and testing our coke for purity a new feature by the way where you would take out a small tube place cocaine in it and shake it until it turned blue. Unfortunately it was a doublecross, the buyer along with his guys started shooting at us and we duck for cover. Gunplay felt like Max Payne 3 along  with these new dynamic triggers making guns feel more realistic and an improved cover system.  The gun sounds are improved from GTA V guns sound more realistic so realistic that we had an incident where one of the janitors that cleaned the building thought it was real and started panicking we had to calm him down and tell him it was the game and not real.


After clearing out our enemies we got away in our car. Ricardo needs to make a phone call at a nearby payphone which now along with those early Brick cell phones replaces the smartphone. Ricardo is speaking on the phone with his contact who sounded very angry because as we were busy fighting off those dealers someone had managed to get away with both our drugs and our money. A developer told me that there are many different outcomes to this mission I could have ended up with the money and avoided the shootout, killed almost everyone and then intimidate the buyer for pulling that sh*t, or avoided it entirely if a different choice was made in an earlier mission and that was the end of our session with GTA VI. 



Edited by Zello
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The luckiest people in here at Weazel Gamers got our hands on one of the most anticipated game of this year, Grand Theft Auto VI. Although we could only play one story mission and a little bit of free roam. But if it was any indication, this is the best game we've ever tried here. We were left with only wanting to play more of it, before we realized the release is still months away.


The game takes place in the most beautiful and realistic rendition of Miami to be ever explored in games. Along with an unknown island shown in the debut trailer, sadly it wasn't unlocked yet in that part of the story. Despite being set in the 80s and taking place in Vice City, this is nothing remotely close to GTA Vice City or Vice City Stories. The map is stupendously huge compared to the 3D Era Vice City, Rockstar has taken full advantage of the current generation consoles and the difference really shows, especially when we're comparing the game with something from more than 20 years ago. Along with Vice City and an island, we got the surrounding swamps which was very much full of alligators, think the swamps in Red Dead Redemption 2, but dialed up to 11.


In the short time we had to explore the world, we were encouraged by Rockstar to explore the Vice City Beach and we were not disappointed, what happened was quite the opposite. We had to pick up our jaws from the floor to keep playing the game. The beach was fully populated with unique and highly detailed NPCs like never seen before, the sand was the most realistic sand we've ever seen in a game, so realistic that we saw some NPCs dust off the sand from their clothes and towels. Then the sun slowly got down and we went to explore the Ocean Beach area, GTA VI supports ray tracing, and it's the best implementation we've seen, forget about all the other games that include ray tracing, this is the real deal. 


The areas we explored were very populated with a wide variety of NPCs and we ran into some interesting Easter eggs, such as a man in the very distant wearing what looked like Tommy Vercetti's iconic T-Shirt, but when we tried to closer to him, he disappeared. And then there were some random encounters where we saw a Florida man throwing an alligator into a drive-thru window, just Florida things. Oh, and the Ocean View Hotel returns, in yet the best and true to life rendition of their original vision, says one higher up at Rockstar.



Screenshot Provided by Rockstar.


It was time, so we played the only available story mission ; Drug Dealing for Beginners. As the name suggests, it looks like our protagonist is new to the business, and so he has trouble at the very beginning of the mission when he finds out he is being double crossed. We watched our only cutscene in the only mission we played, the cinematography is better than RDR2 and is shot stunningly and complements the insane graphics very well. What followed was a gunfight, the gunplay feels superb, each and every bullet exiting the gun has a feel to it, the sound is very raw and realistic, loud as well. Shooting heads off of enemies have never been this fun. Combined with the state of the art haptic feedback which also utilizes the adaptive trigger on the DualSense and the new Xbox Controller X, giving each and every gun their own feeling, and it really shows,.. well, feels. So much that I can name guns even when my eyes are closed.


The gunplay was followed by a chase sequence, only we're the one chasing, the guy we were chasing realistically used all sorts of objects around the place to stop us. Controls feels better compared to both GTA V and RDR2, Rockstar has listened to the feedback and so everything feels fluid yet fast and responsive, we tried to run at all sorts of directions and the player realistically changed his balance to change the directions, the animations looked like it was scripted, but the thing is, it wasn't, it was real time response to our controller inputs. After I finally caught the guy who double crossed the protagonist, I was shocked when Rockstar told us that it all could have been avoided if we were being careful, so one of my associates played the mission again, and this time he shot the guy way before, what we got was an entirely different cutscene that we didn't have before. And when we played again, we shot the guy during the chasing and got a whole different cutscene, which ended up with us being disappointed because Rockstar told us that if that specific character was left alive, we would have gotten a couple more missions related to him. The missions are open, and has only one objective each, when and how you do it is totally up to you. 


Our gameplay session ended there, and we were told there's much more activities and fun things to do which we didn't get to see and do for now. But we will at launch. Grand Theft Auto VI releases on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X on October 24.

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Rockstar Games have done it again, they have managed to take the everlasting scale of their previous titles and have completely redefined expectations for what fans should expect in their newest and easily most ambitious game yet, Grand Theft Auto VI, hitting stores this October 22.

Me, @Nikhilmao, @Spider-Vice, @Kirsty, and @uNi here at Weazel Gamers were flown out by Rockstar to get a small hands-on experience of the game, specifically at the place where the company had been secretly hard at work, creating their next game: Miami, Florida. Trust me when I say that when we left the airport and headed down to the building to play the game for the first time the next day , we had no idea that the game’s setting of Vice City would be so identical to current-day Miami.


You heard that right: modern-day Miami. Sadly, fans who were expecting a trip back to Vice City in the 1980s are in for a bummer as the game has completely changed it’s time to current day.


Don’t worry though, because the atmosphere hasn’t changed a bit. The 1980s vibes absolutely seeps through this new modern-take by Rockstar, and almost feels like a continuation of the 2002 game, but enhanced, with an expanded map of Vice City including a parody of the Everglades, the Florida Keys, and the cities of Tampa and Orlando, along with a South American island that was unaccessible for us for our time to play.


The legendary Sam Houser and Rupert Humphries immediately joined as soon we sat down, and we began by rewatching the debut trailer for the game that aired in March 2020, which slowly led into the first look. Sam explained that because of the new hardware for these next-gen consoles, they have “never had more thrills to work on something like this then ever” and that “The power these consoles hold allow us to deliver almost twice, maybe thrice as much content and life into this next chapter of GTA, including a gripping narrative, an ever-expanding map, and lot's of content that takes over ages to complete.”


Rupert then explained that they looked at feedback from fans regarding GTA V’s story very seriously and understood how disappointed some were over the “-lack of seriousness the story headed with almost 8 years ago with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, and wanted to return to the serious, gripping roots of the franchise” and knew they had to do something new and off the walls crazy to set a new standard. They both continued, explaining that this story was their greatest achievement, on par or even better then Red Dead Redemption 2’s iconic story, and that instead of 3 protagonists, 2 would be much better instead.


We began by being introduced to the first protagonist we will be playing as in the game: Vikram (Vik for short). According to Sam, the biggest change in this game and franchise overall is that we get to play a “cop of sorts”, referring to Vik as we will be able to use a "badge" to either greet or antagonize NPCs around the map, similarly to how RDR2 did it. From the little hints they dropped, apparently Vik had some kind of falling out or a potential fight with those around him when he was on the force which causes him to unwillingly drop into the life of crime, where he meets our second protagonist, Isabel, as well as her side of the life. Here he’s seen wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt with fitted navy jeans, some sweet red canvas shoes, accompanied by a fan-favorite returning supercar, an orange Overflod Entity XF, all across from the Ocean View Hotel, sitting right next to the updated and enhanced location in Vice City, Vice Beach, all at sunset time.


We got into Vik’s car and began driving across the limited area we could roam in. The driving felt smooth, a combination of IV’s handling and V’s speed. We began looking through the vast side activities to partake in, such as bowling, roller-skating, bike-riding, and much more.


Suddenly we got an in-game call from Isabel. She exclaimed that “-the thing from before was fully ready” and she just wanted to see if we could be there to “make sure things go smoothly”, and jokingly to wear something acceptable. It then gave us an option to either accept or decline the mission, and we accepted it. He jokes back and says yes and and hangs up afterwards. On the bottom right, the mission tagline popped up, being called “The Harder They Fall” in a neon blue cursive lettering.



A small glimpse of Vik in Vice City.


We began driving towards the meet, somewhere at Vice Port. We reached there, and a redheaded girl was waiting for us, and it's none other then Isabel. A cutscene began to play (with incredible graphics to view as well) with Isabel and Vik. Sam explained that the dynamic between the two is very "Bonnie and Clyde~like", with their relationship going from “hate to neutrality, neutrality to friendship, and then friendship to...” he slowly cut himself off to let the scene play out, leaving us intrigued as to what happens then. Suddenly, a white sedan pulled up behind them with some men getting out, and at the very end, a key character in the game, Carlos Honduraz (played by the now infamous Tony Dalton) steps out as well. Sam then explained that Tony had approached them sometime in 2019 when development was beginning to take shape and wanted to be in the game, expressing interest in the project after filming for the 5th season of Better Call Saul. They exclusively created a character just for him, and began pulling him into the story from there. Carlos is the Uncle of Isabel, but it's theorized that Isabel is actually adopted by him due to some offhand comments made previously, but we'll have to wait and see as the game comes out. He cracks a couple of jokes with the duo and waits for their buyers to arrive, with them showing up no sooner. A deal of sorts takes place, but of course, it's a set-up and a double cross, so they have to fight their way out. 


We begin playing as Isabel here, and we are allowed to freely switch between her and Vik, with the now updated switch mechanic heavily improved, feeling much more smooth and fluid. As the in-game score kicks in, we clear out a path for Carlos to get through, and we are then switched to Vik, who is given a choice to either continue helping Carlos escape, or to go after the double crossers.


We decided to do both options, firstly deciding to go after the double crossers. The scene goes from a boat chase to a helicopter fight, where we have to knock out the main man involved. By doing so, we also end up jumping out of the helicopter as well causing it to crash into the water, and creating a badass cinematic shot because of it. We then try to swim back to the pier for a little bit, until we are picked up by Isabel and Carlos on a boat, with Carlos being disappointed that they lost the money, but ultimately is glad that Vik and Isabel are okay, whilst switching back to Isabel, and driving back to shore. The mission ends from there, and we are returned back to free-roam.


We went back to the mission and this time, we decided to help and get Carlos out. We continued to help clear out the area, and eventually had to take out another returning iconic-helicopter that was firing missiles at us. Once we did, we got into the white sedan and began driving away, with some more men after us. A chase sequence initiated, and here we were given to freely switch between Vik and Isabel, with Vik driving and Isabel defending them. We eventually lost them, and we drove back to Carlos' hillside mansion, where a cutscene plays. He [Carlos] expresses gratitude to the both of them and explained that while he was upset about what happened, he'd never forget to reward a job well done, giving the pair some money for their troubles. He offers them both to come inside for a drink but they decline, with Isabel wishing Carlos a good night. Vik awkwardly shuffles around and asks if she's okay and she responds with a yes. They have a little banter about who was more scared, and eventually ends when they both have to go. They wish each other a good night and to watch out for anything, because "In this town, you either have friends or enemies, and sometimes having friends can be even scarier then enemies." The game then switches to Isabel, where we are then brought to free-roam.


Our gameplay session ended there, but we were told by Sam and Rupert that there was actually much more for us to do in the game at launch, and that this was almost "0.0001%" of the game. We thanked them for their time, and left feeling very satisfied and also sad that that was all we could get our hands on.


Grand Theft Auto VI launches worldwide on October 22, on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X, with a PC release not coming far afterwards.

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10 hours ago, CrumMunchers said:

no excuse me, in this alternative universe we're part of Rockstar themselves, WE tell you what to do :kekw:

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