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Real brands in Vice City

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Posted (edited)

a while back I did a GTA3 trivia video and showed some of the real life buildings/places which had their storefronts directly used in the game, and intended to do something of the same caliber with Vice City but never got around to it, however I thought I may aswell post some of the stuff I found as it's kind of interesting. despite most of this being presumably irrelevant, it's still cool to see.


one of the first is this texture inside the biker bar, which is a beer fridge/cooler with the labels clearly obfuscated, presumably for copyright reasons:




they tried to do the same thing here with a bottle of jack daniels, by crudely replacing the name with "paul daniels" however the original texture remains. side note, paul daniels was a famous english magician/tv presenter.




the same can be seen here, with a bottle of becks rebranded as secks.




there's numerous other instances of this in the txd, such as Busch rebranded as Pusch, Budweiser as Dudweiner etc.


next up is the print works - for context, im not sure how visible these are in the game as the print works lighting is kinda funky.


first up is this batch of posters, one clearly with a calvin klein label on it.




the top left is a controversial advert from 1980 featuring brooke shields who was 15 at the time and caused uproar across the united states.






the top right is a painting by an artist named gil elvgren, known for his pin up style paintings.




the other 2 im too lazy to find lel.


now this one is full of references:




pervelli obviously being a massive play on words/ripoff of the italian tyre manufacturing company pirelli, however pirelli's uk subsidiary also produced a trade show calendar from 1964 onwards. according to wikipedia, "The calendar is produced with limited availability (20,000 are printed annually). Copies do not go on sale, but are instead given as corporate gifts to celebrities and select Pirelli customers". this particular pirelli calendar in game dates to 1984.




obviously we can't leave out the playboy covers, the first being playboy may 1981 featuring gabriella brum




and the second being april 1981 featuring liz wickersham




there's also some other stuff i can't post due to forum rules on nudity, so if you're absolutely in need of seeing a set of low resolution tits please dont look at lh_pwinterior.txd for "pw_poster3"


next up is the concert hall where lovefist play:




notice the guitars? the txd names for them, and images themselves are direct rips from their real life models.




we have a Les Paul bass, the BC Rich Warlock and the Gibson Flying V. you know who used these f*ckers? KISS.






thats all for this batch of totally useless vice city facts and trivia.



or is it




these storefronts in the smaller mall seem to have been ripped from high end fashion labels:




prada, chanel, vera wang and hermes.




Edited by sombrA
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Noice list. I always wonder if HiRes versions of those still exist at R* internally, on some USB or something. 

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