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Hippies on top of silos


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I remember when this game came out, people were talking about these hippies that would spawn on top of silos while doing yoga. Can anyone pinpoint the location of these hippies? I was curious about it, as they have some glitchy properties. 

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Posted (edited)

Oh my god I really want to know about this too. Asked before but never had any luck. I swear I remember seeing them back when the game first came out. But then I doubted myself and thought it might just be because there's drawings of aliens upside down or doing yoga or whatever on some silos lol. 


Like obviously there's silos in the game and hippies doing yoga in the game. But can anyone confirm if there were ever hippies doing yoga on top of silos? It's all I want to know in life. Trying to remember where some of the silos are....it's the ones that have ladders so you can climb up them, there's two near Stab City by the train tracks, some in the nature trails area near the Vinewood sign, some near that small hippy trailer park near the wind farm etc.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Posted (edited)
On 6/1/2021 at 3:52 PM, Ceee said:

You guys talking about this?

You can see some hippies on the silo around 5 seconds in




Yes exactly! But it's weird because I saw them when the game was first out (in 2013) but since at least a few years ago (2015 or 2016 maybe - I don't know about the couple years before that) I've never been able to see them again in hundreds of hours of gameplay and many times specifically going to look.


Do hippies doing yoga on silos still exist in any version of the game? And if not, when did they disappear? I wonder if anyone can find them now or remember seeing them recently?

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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I remember this! It was some silos next to the railroad tracks west of Sandy Shores. The silos themselves have wack hippie style artwork on them and it wouldn't surprise me if hippies are spawned to do yoga there at certain times.

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