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RDR 3 Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts

Game features:


- To be able to examine every item in the inventory, like you examine the watch.


- The ability to lasso a person in three different places: head, torso (the way it is now) and legs. Depending on what you`re aiming for, while equipped with a lasso. For example: If you`re aiming for the legs, your character won`t pull on the rope, until the lasso`s loop has passed the torso region. This results in being, lassoed around the ankles, instead.


- To be able to tie a person to a tree.


- It should be possible to put cigarettes or cigarillos, in decorative metal cases (this can be done by selecting an option, where you can combine a full cigarette pack with an empty cigarette case, in the inventory). It`s also possible to examine the cigarette case (for it`s beauty or for checking how many cigarettes are left, inside).


- An option to carry a bear trap on the horse (for capturing larger animals).


- At least ten different facial hair styles, for each zone (moustache, chin and sideburns) in story mode.


- To be able to add moustache wax to your moustache (for twirling the moustache).


- There should be an option to wear snowshoes for faster movement, while walking in deep snow.


- To be able to cover a hogtied person with tar and feathers.


- While the revolvers are holstered, it should be possible to hold the LT button halfway (a transparent reticle appears, while your character puts his hands, close to the holstered revolvers, and starts moving his fingers), use the right analog stick to move the reticle, and then to mark targets, by pressing the RB button (slow down time doesn`t get activated). If you then press the RT button (while holding the LT button halfway), your character will quickly draw his revolvers, and shoot accurately at the targets.


- To be able to own a pewter flask (a decorative pocket flask, that is made of metal). Whenever you character creates a beverage, that has special abilities (restore health and so on), it would be added to a pewter flask. The beverage is more potent, than from the stores. It only takes a sip, to achieve desired effect. The large sized pewter flask contains twenty sips. Your character will be able to own a flask for every special ability. The pewter flask will be available in three different sizes (ten, fifteen and twenty sips), and in various metals (including gold and silver). They will also have beautiful decorations (engravings and gemstones).


- While riding a horse with a hogtied person in the back, it should be possible to throw the person towards the left (with the left hand), by pressing the B button and left on the D-pad. If you want to throw the person towards the right (with the right hand), you can press the B button and right on the D-pad. And, if you just want to kick him off the back of the horse (he`s kicked off backwards), you can press the X button and down on the D-pad.


- To be able to own antique lighters (based on the lighters, that were available back then).


- It should be possible to disable the flashing effects on pickable items like: throwing knives, tomahawks, arrows and so on. Since, it makes the game less immersive. They can keep the flashing effects on objects, while eagle eye is being used.


- After lassoing a person, you should be able to choose between, tying the person`s: mouth, wrists (hands in the back) and ankles, hogtying the person (wrists and ankles) or just the wrists. If you choose to just tie the wrists, it should be possible to select between, tying them in the front or in the back. If the wrists are tied in the front, you can tie another rope to the wrists, while the other end of the rope, can be tied to the horse. Now you can mount the horse and start walking. If the guy was sitting on the ground, he would get up and start walking. As the horse`s speed picks up, the guy starts jogging and eventually gets pulled after the horse.


- While chewing tobacco (with the melee option selected), it should be possible to hold the LT button, and move the right analog stick to aim (dot reticle). You can then press the RT button to spit the tobacco.


- To be able to use a magnifying glass to examine inventory items.


- To wear a law enforcer outfit, for motivating people to cooperate a lot easier.


- The option to sit on every chair, and every bench in the game.


- To be able to tie a rope around a tree, and then use the rope to rappel down a steep mountainside (if there is a tree, near a location like this). It should also be possible to tie a rope around a tree, that is close to a road, and pull the rope over the road. The rope can then be used for tripping horses, that are travelling on the road.


- Whenever you smoke a cigar, a cigarillo or a cigarette, you should be able to finish smoking it. And at any time, to be able to flip it/throw it, with the index finger and the thumb (melee option selected), by holding the LT button to aim (dot reticle) and the RT button to flip it/throw it. It`s also possible to smoke during gunfights (the cigar or the cigarette stays in the mouth, while shooting with weapons). If the gunfight intensifies, the cigar or the cigarette falls out of the mouth.


- To be able to use a mullet to hit a wooden spike (like on tents) into the ground, attach a rope to it and rappel down steep terrain. The wooden spikes are an alternative, if you can`t find a tree as an anchor point. If you run out of wooden spikes, you have to buy new ones (it`s possible to pull them out of the ground after use, but they will eventually wear out, and have to be replaced). It`s also possible to buy spikes, that are made of metal. These spikes are used for creating, an anchor point on hard surfaces like mountain rock. When you create an anchor point, with a metal spike on a hard surface, you have to use a hammer (instead of a mullet).


- To combine a rope with a tree to create a snare, where a gold or silver coin is used as bait. The shiny coin on the ground, can be seen from a distance. When a person approaches it, and tries to pick it up, the snare will be activated. And that person will end up hanging upside down, by one or both of his legs.


- To play the harmonica, banjo, sideways flute and pan pipes. A suggestion for how to play a four-string banjo in the game: While equipped with the banjo, you can press the RT button to activate the playing mode. Now, holding the left analog stick, in one of the eight different directions, will have the same functionality, as when you hold a chord with your left hand on the stem of the banjo (from lighter to darker tones). The face buttons (A, B, X and Y) are used for playing on the four chords, with your right hand. If you move the right analog stick downwards, upwards and downwards, your character will move his right hand in a way, where he plays the chords one to four, four to one and one to four, at a quick succession. The right analog stick can be moved towards the left or the right, to rotate the camera around your character. If you want to deactivate the banjo playing mode, you can press the RT button. The banjo can also be used as a melee weapon, by holding the LT button, and then pressing the RT button. If the banjo is used as a melee weapon, it will eventually lose it`s ability to function as a musical instrument (it gets out of tune and so on). Then you have to visit a music store, to buy yourself a new banjo.


- The option to pick up a spittoon, and throw the contents. After picking it up, you can hold the LT button (a reticle will appear, and it can be moved with the right analog stick), and then press the RT button, to swing with the spittoon, in order to throw the content. It`s also possible to pour the content out, by holding the RT button (without holding the LT button).


- To be able to extract gold from a river, by using a plate. There is a minigame, where your character moves the plate in a way, that makes water and dirt to pour out from the sides. Heavier particles like gold flakes, will sink to the bottom of the plate, and can then be sold for cash.


- To take a human shield by pressing the Y button, while equipped with a weapon.


- It should be possible to launch tranquilizer darts, by using a blowing pipe. If an animal is hit with a dart, you can hogtie it. And later put it into a cage and domesticate it.


- An option to use smelling salt to wake up a person who has passed out.


- To be able to dual wield whips, as seen in the movie "Welcome To The Jungle".


- To dig a ditch with a shovel. A metal chest can be bought from a store. Lots of inventory items can be stored inside the chest. A horse and buggy can then be used for transporting the metal chest. After finding a good location, the shovel is used for digging a ditch. The metal chest can be put inside the ditch and then be covered with soil. The location will be marked on the map. It`s possible to have several metal chests hidden throughout the map. Whenever supplies are needed, the metal chests can be used for restocking the inventory.


- To be able to remove the rag from the firebottles, and pour out the contents (like the jerry can in GTA 5).


- The option to conceal a powerful one shot pistol and a throwing knife, inside your hat. The weapons can be equipped, by selecting the hat in the inventory wheel, and then pressing the A button to equip the gun or the X button to equip the throwing knife.  


- Tri-hook on a rope. The tri-hook is swung vertically before it`s thrown, so it can be attached to an elevated position (the reticle will indicate if the tri-hook can be attached to an object above). After, successfully attaching the tri-hook, the rope can be used for climbing up. If you`re standing on an elevated position and want to climb down, you can walk up to attachable objects (with tri-hook equipped), place the tri-hook (swinging motion is not necessary) and then use the rope to climb down. After climbing down, you can do a swinging motion with the rope, in order to dislodge the tri-hook to retrieve it for later use.


- There should be larger open areas with snow. The red sand deserts with plateau mountains, should also be a lot more vast.


- To be able to use chairs and bottles during bar fights.


- A paper map, that can be accessed in-game (in addition to the pause menu map). When you zoom in, your character will move his head closer to the map. If you want to zoom in even more, a magnifying glass can be used for a closer inspection. Whenever you set a waypoint on the map, your character will quickly draw a route with a pencil. If you want to set a new waypoint, he would remove the first waypoint with a rubber, and then draw another route.


- To be able to wield a ring gun (based on a Le Petit Protector).


- A combo weapon based on: an Apache knuckleduster revolver knife (as seen on "Youtube"). With this weapon equipped you can hold the B button to open a D-pad menu (appears on the bottom right side of the screen). You can press left on the D-pad for the knuckleduster, up for the revolver and right for the knife. The menu closes when you release the B button. If you want to reload the revolver, you can tap the B button.


- A slingshot. This weapon can be loaded with a rock, that is found on the ground (eagle eye can be used for identifying pickable items). When you hold the LT button, while equipped with a slingshot, your character will start swinging the weapon. At this moment, you can press the RT button quickly to throw hard, or you can press the RT button slowly to throw gently. It should also be possible to pick up a rock, and throw it with your hand.


- A very decorative brass monocular (spyglass). It has better zoom, than the binoculars.


- The ability to use playing cards as throwable weapons. If you have a full deck (fifty two cards), you can play Solitaire at your camp site.


- To be able to light a match and flip it/throw it, with the index finger and the thumb. It`s possible to use the friction from most surfaces to light a match (including a person`s face, as seen in the movie "Desperado").


- It should be able to sit down on the ground, like you sit while inside the tent (backside on the ground and the arms resting on the knees), anywhere on the map (if the terrain is uneven, your character will adjust his sitting position). It`s also possible to draw a weapon, while sitting in this position. If you move the left analog stick, your character will get up and walk.


- While riding a horse, you should be able to take cover behind the left side of the horse, by tapping left on the D-pad or behind the right side of the horse, by tapping right on the D-pad (like in "Metal Gear Solid 5"). If the horse has an armoured saddle, it would provide more protection.


- An eye patch as a customization option. If you`re playing in first person mode, the side with the eye patch will display a black screen. The eye patch is introduced in a mission.


- To dual wield throwing knives.


- The ability to hypnotize a person, by swinging a pendulum in front of their eyes. For example: If a person is already covered in tar and feathers, you can hypnotize that person, to walk and make sounds like a chicken.


- While holding the L3 button (a menu will appear on the bottom right corner), you can press the A button to crawl/lie down, the B button to sit, the X button to crouch and the Y button to sneak. If you press the A button, your character will lie down on his back. At this point, moving the left analog stick will make your character to turn around on his stomach and crawl. It`s also possible to get in the crawling position, directly, if you have a weapon equipped. While in the crawling position, you can crawl by moving the left analog stick. If you want to crawl sideways (strafe crawl), you can hold the X button, while moving the left analog stick. It`s also possible to roll sideways while crawling, if you tap the X button, while moving the left analog stick towards the left or the right. If you want to stand up from this position, you can tap the L3 button.


- To be able to throw an empty gun or a rifle, as a throwable weapon.


- It should be possible to put people in the cage wagon, similar to the bounty wagon. Your character can get the key to the lock, from the cage wagon`s driver. The difference between the cage wagon and the bounty wagon: Some people are able to escape from the cage wagon, by picking the cage wagon`s lock.


- Antique handcuffs (optional to handcuff with the hands in the front or the back). Most people are not able to remove the handcuffs, except for some who are able to pick the lock.


- The train cab with a bar, should also be available in freeroam (with the option to buy a drink). They should also add a restaurant cab, where you can sit down and order a meal.


- To be able to put shackles on a person. The shackles will restrain the ankles and the wrists, simultaneously. It`s possible to put the shackles on with the hands in the front, or with the hands in the back. If the hands are in the back, it`s like when a person is hogtied. It`s possible to attach a rope to the wrists, if the person is shackled with the hands in the front (the shackled person is able to get up and walk slowly). For most people, removing the shackles is nearly impossible, without the assistance of another person.


- The game should have a director mode, similar to GTA 5. If they add this mode, it should be possible to disable the "DIRECTOR MODE" text, in the upper right corner of the screen. They should also add the option to disable the text in GTA 5`s director mode. This text can appear in the pause menu, instead.


- To be able to play bowling (bowling did exist back then)


- A boomerang. This throwable weapon returns, if it misses the target.


- To be able to combine a knife with the lasso, as seen in the movie "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" (in the bar scene). With the knife combined with the lasso, holding the LT button, will make your character to swing the weapon. You can switch between swinging the weapon horizontally or vertically, by tapping the RB button (while holding the LT button). If you`re swinging the weapon horizontally, pressing the RT button, will make the weapon to react, like in the movie. But, if you`re swinging the weapon vertically, and press the RT button, the weapon will function like a rope dart. It`s also possible to combine the lasso with a large knife, but then you can only swing the weapon, vertically. A regular knife, a large knife or a tri-hook (for climbing), can be combined with the lasso, by holding the B button, to open a D-pad menu. The menu will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, and will display: up on the D-pad for the lasso only, left for the regular knife & the lasso, right for the large knife & the lasso, and down for the tri-hook & the lasso. The D-pad menu is closed, by releasing the B button.


- The telescope and the high-tech sniper rifle, from the movie "Back To The Future III".


- To be able to play pool, as seen in the movie "Django: Unchained".


- While riding a horse, it should be possible to stand up on the saddle, by holding the L3 button (your character can still steer the horse, while he`s standing on the saddle). From this position, you can jump off the horse, by selecting the direction with the D-pad (left, down or right), and then pressing the X button. If you just press the X button (without using the D-pad), your character will jump straight up. This can be done, if you want to grab a ledge on a higher elevation.


- To be able to make the horse kick backwards, as seen in the movie "John Wick: Chapter 3". In the game, while sitting on a horse, you can hold the RB button, and then press the B button. This will make your character to hit the horse`s back, and the horse will kick backwards.


- The ability to dual fire (fire with each weapon independently) and dual aim (aim with each weapon independently, during slow motion), while your character is dual wielding weapons. If you hold the LT button halfway, your character will raise his left hand, and aim with the weapon in that hand. Pressing the LT button all the way, will fire with the left hand weapon. If you hold the RT button halfway, your character will raise his right arm, and aim with the weapon in that hand. Pressing the RT button all the way, will fire with the right hand weapon. Both weapons will share a single reticle (the way it is now), that is moved with the right analog stick. Independent firing with dual wielded weapons, will increase the fire rate, significantly. If you slow down time, while dual wielding two revolvers (or other dual wieldable weapons), you can aim independently with each revolver. The single reticle, will become two reticles. You can now use the left analog stick, to move the reticle on the left, for aiming with the revolver in the left hand. While, the LB button is used for marking targets, and the LT button is used for shooting with the left hand weapon. The right analog stick is used for moving the reticle on the right, for aiming with the revolver in the right hand. While, the RB button is used for marking targets, and the RT button is used for shooting with the right hand weapon. It`s possible to overlap one reticle with the other reticle. After marking targets, you can press the LT button and the RT button, simultaneously, to shoot at the targets with both weapons. But, if your character has a high shooting skill (slow down time doesn`t end, until the slow down meter has depleted), you can shoot with one weapon at a time during slow motion.


- If three wheels are available: the weapon wheel, the inventory wheel and the horse inventory wheel, you should be able to cycle between them in both directions. For example: You hold the LB button to open the weapon wheel, and then tap the RB button to cycle towards the right. At this point, you can hold the RB button, and then release the LB button. While still holding the RB button, you can tap the LB button to cycle in the opposite direction.

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