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So I installed the PC GTA Vice City for some testing and playing


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Posted (edited)

After having enough of SA on PC, I decided to finally install the physical copy of original Vice City release (Finnish version, imported by Toptronics!) to me PC I got some time back.

So I took some notes:

- No shortcuts are placed to the desktop automagically - ARGH!

- Readme says supported OS'es are Win 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000 to SP3 and XP, but up to SP1, mine has SP3 - K?

- I actually get widescreen resolutions from the get go this time unlike with SA! But it looks stretched in comparison to 4:3, and it seems that I see slightly less vertically - and ticking WIDESCREEN to ON, you probably guessed it, CROPS TOP AND BOTTOM. So once again, I'll be doing this in 4:3 again. Widescreen also stretches the opening FMV's (I hate this). If there's something that should be a federal offense, it's STRETCHING 4:3 TO 16:9, DO NOT DO THAT, EVER, IT SUCKS.

- User tracks - while SA supports WAV and OGG from the get go as-is, VC supports MP3 and WAV from the get-go as is. (See, I read this manual sh*t, so I know my sh*t, K? It (SA) says stuff that the end user has on his/her PC also has effects on what it can play, such as Windows Media Player enables .wma files, me favourite after UNCOMPRESSED) Seems to read the same stuff I had in SA. No. WMA files won't play, so that rules out a lot of stuff. And no folder shortcuts, file shortcuts only. Equals some work. At least I'll be hearing some Japanese funky jazz from 1978-1980. I've always wanted to cruise with a vehicle while listening Silhouette (1978).

- Game audio is sh*te MP3's ranging from 64kbp/s to 128 kbp/s, radio is .adf files. (NOTE: This user hates .mp3 with a flaming passion.)

- Audio settings got 2 SPEAKERS, MORE THAN 2 SPEAKERS and HEADPHONES. Interesting.

- Rockstar recommends that you have a controller, kek.

- I'll see if EAX causes audio sh*te requiring me to BASIC the acceleration like with SA.

- Default game settings suk.

- DELETE GAME option actually exists, WHY THAT ONE IS NOT ON PS2?!?!

- No Trails, good. I hated that option anyway. BRINGITON.

- Manual tells ye how to change skins. I'm not doing that, despite being offered by devs.

- I don't agree with the manual Tourist Guide about "the smaller a swimsuit is, the better".

- The manual Tourist Guide is funny, you should read it if ye haven't already. Applies to every PS2/PC GTA. I'm serious.

- Different looking poster when compared to PS2.

- Game has English, French, German (!), Italian and Spanish like SA, I wonder if that interesting German censorship can be enabled somehow, haven't tried with PC, with PS2 I just change der language kek.

- I can't change resolution after I'm in the game. What.

- Can't hear music after ALT+TAB:ing out of the game when left at the audio menu if in game, before entering the game it can be done, with MP3 RADIO I need to get back for the game to play the next track.


I'll see how them missions go, as with PS2 version, I don't agree to stuff that's hard, like with SA. FIGHT ME. Looking forward to Demolition Man to see if it truly is crap, on PS2 is easy as all hell. EDIT: Demolition Man is easy.


Also, for those who don't know me, don't start, I'm not doing mods out of principle. Even less so since first time PC version player. Wish me luck with the game though if ye want. Remember that Ammu-nation protects your rights! Welcome to San Andreas Vice City.

Edited by psxdriverplayer
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