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How should the Marston Daughter have appeared in the game?

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Mysterious hero
Posted (edited)

We all know about John's elusive daughter, who is mentioned multiple times in the first game, most notably during a conversation between John and Bonnie.

We were all hoping to see her in the prequel, but unfortunately she is never seen, mentioned, or alluded to.


I've been wondering, if she was in the prequel, what would her role be? Would she appear in the 1899 or 1907 section? Would she die off-screen or would we witness it?


What is everyone's thoughts

Edited by Mysterious hero
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Posted (edited)

I think she is alluded to very vaguely? Like at Beecher's Hope there's a dialogue where Abigail says something to John about it, I can't remember what exactly but something that could be interpreted as meaning it'll be nice to have a little kid around or something like that. Could've been left in by accident or not have been meant that way but it seems like it could've been hinting that Abigail was pregnant or that they were hoping she'd get pregnant. So perhaps it's meant to be she was born and died very young at some time between 1907 and 1911. No idea where the clip of it is unfortunately, I think I randomly saw it on tumblr.


I dunno if people were really hoping to see a random baby/toddler that we knew would die. My guess is they left that out because they decided it would be excessively depressing. There was already so much loss and tragedy in the first part of the game (including hearing of the death of Arthur's child) and I think they wanted the epilogue to have a relatively happy ending (for now at least) which a soon to be dead baby wouldn't have fit with very well. Apparently at one point they were going to include Arthur having another baby with someone and it dying during the game but they cut it for being too sad, same logic here I guess. 


Also I think it's highly unlikely she would've been older than Jack, as Abigail became pregnant with him aged 18 and I doubt they would've wanted to make John a guy who impregnated an underage girl. So an older child wouldn't have been an option. They already made Jack act and speak much older than a real 4 year old would to make him an interesting/worthwhile enough character, another even younger toddler around wouldn't have been much use. So yeah, I get why they left her out.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Considering this is the first time I'm hearing anyone speak of having wished to see this child, nearly 3 years later, I don't know that "we were all hoping to see her".  I think it's likely a very small fraction of the audience who had such a desire.  At any rate, I think she was born (or stillborn) in the years between the epilogue and RDR1, so we wouldn't have seen her anyway.  IIRC, John mentions to Abigail at some point the desire for another child, which I took as the primary reference to the daughter.  I'm fine without the inclusion.

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Probably for the best they didn't explicitly include such a thing. This is Red Dead Redemption, not Degrassi. 

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Mysterious hero

There's one problem with the idea that she was born sometime in between the 1908 - 1911 timeframe; where's her grave?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think she was born and died somewhere around the time they went to the Yukon. I was hoping for more info too but it makes sense as bringing her up is probably a sore spot. 







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