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Read Before Posting: Getting Help for GTA San Andreas


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Getting help for issues with GTA San Andreas

Having an issue with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? The Help & Support forum offers various sources of help for issues you may be experiencing!

Having trouble with a mission or activity? Learn how to submit a Save N Play Request by sharing your save file and having a member of GTAForums complete it for you!

Having a technical issue? You should first check whether your issue has previously been solved in this forum, and consider installing SilentPatch if your issue is with the PC version of the game.

If you have modifications installed, try removing them first to see if the issue persists. If the issue only occurs when the modifications are active, try posting in our GTA III, VC & SA modding forum.

If you're still in need of help, start a new topic. When making a new topic, keep the following in mind to ensure you get the help you need:

Clearly Describe The Issue
You should be clear in explaining the issue you have and let us know:

  • How the issue occurs
  • What happens when the issue occurs
  • How often the issue occurs
  • What you have already tried to fix the issue

Mention Your Game Version
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been released on multiple platforms from multiple retailers and not all versions share the same issues. Let us know:

  • Where you bought the game
  • What platform you play on
  • The game version number, if you know it

Note that under the GTAForums Rules we can't assist with copies of the game that have been pirated or otherwise illegally obtained. Your topic will be locked or removed if this is the case, and we suggest that you buy a legal copy of the game before seeking further assistance on our forum.

[PC] Mention Your Hardware Information
If your issue is on PC, let us know what hardware you have. You should also check that your device meets the hardware requirements for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which it likely does unless you're running really old hardware.

You should specifically mention the following:

  • CPU
  • Graphics Card
  • Operating System
  • RAM

Other Suggestions

  • If you think your issue might be save file related and you play on PC, Android, iOS or PlayStation 2, upload your save file to GTASnP.com and share a link to your save file in your help topic.
  • Be patient after submitting your topic. It may take some time for a member to find your topic, identify a potential issue and offer you advice. While waiting, try searching around for similar issues and trying solutions.
  • If someone solves your issue, mark their answer as a solution using the button at the bottom of their post. This will help others who have the same issue as you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for making your help topic as useful as possible. I hope you get the help you need! :)

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