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Red Dead Redemption Screenshots

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys! I would like to share my journey on the RDR with you! It was really fun and relaxing to get 100% of the main story. Hopefully, I got a really cool group of people to do trophies, missions and multiplayer challenges. Unfortunately, I had to gather a group of people to pick up some trophies that required a lot of players. Like the classic 'Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace', where you need to gather you and 7 other people (total 8). I literally spent an entire hour pressing 2 buttons. And I have to thank a friend, who spent all this time with me, hahahaha. It was great to explore multiplayer after all these years, it's still fun as always. I was impressed most of the time I find rooms full, this is amazing! I just had a hard time finding some game modes. Like: racing, Gold rush and mini games. The Undead Nigthmare DLC was where I had the most problems. It had a lot of bugs, like the "classic" bug of headless zombies. I tried to save and the game crashed, and things like that. But other than that, it's an incredible experience! And, incidentally, if you killed the big foot, you will not go to heaven, friend. LOL Curiosity: when I didn't have friends to help me with some trophies, I would enter a room, invite people to my group (gang), and start some way I needed to do it. Some went out, but most took advantage and played with me. haha PS: Sorry for my English.


Edited by Augusto_633
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