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Why i don't like GTA 5 at all


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I waited a long time to be able to get GTA5 and i think it was the most disappointing experience i have ever had with a game and for the following reasons. Before i list the reasons i would like to say that i've tried and tried and tried to enjoy this game but every single time it does something to frustrate me into turning it off.


These are my biggest gripes about the game 


Traffic - Why in the world would any game developer programme traffic to behave the way it does in GTA 5?, how do can driving be enjoyable in this game when every time your at an intersection, corner, or any type of road theres a car speeding up just to catch you and slow me down. Honestly there is no other game where traffic do this and its just unacceptable to make a game and programme traffic, even if it was a joke its not funny Rockstar and i don't care what people say its just NOT funny. How are you supposed to enjoy this game and drive when all the time you have to slow down here or slow down there because traffic are always trying to hit you. Theres no excuse for this.



Police - The police ai in gta5 is ridiculous, today all i was doing was driving the sandking from blaine county to franklin's house in los santos, i was literally outside his house ready to park up when all of a sudden i hear police sirens behind so i moved out of the way so the police could drive past....NO....the ai decided to hit me instead so now i was yet again in another tedious police chase that i didn't want to be in because the ai was acting up and decided to hit me instead of SIMPLY driving around me, (There was enough space). I did eventually lose them but it was still annoying, the police car hit me i did not hit them but yet you still get 1 star??.




After playing this game for less than a year i think im done, ive been coming back every now and then but everytime its something different that gets on my nerves, what i can say is this game is visually good but the mechanics and its overall design just KILL it, to name a few


AI - Everyone is against the player

Traffic - Intentionally programmed to frustrate the player

Vehicle physics - almost every car is prone to spinning out, drifting or losing control too quickly (ive played a lot of racing games for years so i'm not bad but it is really noticeable in gta5)

Aimbot - AI always kill you in under a minute (whether its police,gangs,etc.)


Animals - They are also programmed to run into the road so that you hit them. (If you dont belive me just try it, the next time you see a deer/coyote just look at what it does, it will run into your direction but if it cant get hit by you it will quickly retreat).


Police pursuits  - police always catch up to you and Relentlessly ram you, after a while this gets boring too...



Overall this game just likes to punish the player whether they are doing good or bad things and i am absolutely against what has been created in GTA 5, GTA 5 is like something thats been painted to look nice and appealing but when you play it you see that its the complete opposite and the list of problems go on. This game is always trying to do things to annoy you so you can repeat the same process, > shoot people > get chased by cops > escape or die > repeat. Its rubbish


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Uncle Sikee Atric
3 minutes ago, ChiroVette said:

You may want to try the Whinge & Bitch Thread. But let the mods decide that one. 🤣



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