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GTA SA freezes with after loading save with skin selector

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Posted (edited)

So after completing the mission Ryder I saved than reloaded and now when i press tab+q+e the game freezes ,does anyone know how to fix this

Edited by gtasamodder19
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Posted (edited)

Thats a wierd problem ive never had that problem , i have had skin selector cuase problems though, Are you using low end pc? And also are you using the orginal skin selector or the modloader version?

Edited by scarecrx
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My pc is about mid end and can run games like Rdr 2 with no problem and yes I do use the auto installer that's on on gtaall.com and heres a link to the skin selector version i use https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/cleo/4876-skin-selector-v21.html .I actually found a sort of fix   by playing the mission and the missions up to it without changing my character than while at the haircut place cutting CJ's hair than changing it back to the default style before I left   than after completing  the mission I created 2 save files one where  I save as CJ and one as my changed character and interestingly enough the save file where I am my changed character is the one that now works but the CJ one had the same issues as before. I also installed silent patch before I started these new save files , i don't think it had any effect but its worth mentioning just in case  . 

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delete all the files under game folder/cleo/skin_saves

that's an unfixable bug since skin selector came out, when you reach a certain skin selected time the game will kick you out and stop working

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can't find the skin saves folder ,i did find a cleo saves folder is this it ?

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removing the files from the cleo saves folder than putting them back seems to work whenever this glitch occurs. 

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