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Cowboys Vs Mafia


Recommended Posts







Cowboys Vs Mafia is officially canceled





Warning: Spoiler




A Cowboy names Wilder visiting his friend Ben and Ben telling him that The Village has a problem with Mafia

then Wilder go and help them to stop The Mafia 

anyway, The Leader Of the Mafia that names Vladhear about the cowboy and order the mafia members to kill him

now, they trapped the cowboy Wilder & Colton then kidnapped them to Mafia's Mansion then Wilder & Colton able to escape from Mafia's Mansion

then Vlad gets angry and order to destroy the village and kill all people in the village, then, Wilder able to stop all mafia members from destroying the village

then one of the villagers order Wilder to get something that stole from them from some people then he kills all bad people  and brings back what he wants

also, he calls his best friends Dylan & Levi and Luke to help them stop the mafia

then Vlad gets angrier and more and more then he decides to go with his mafia members to finish the cowboys, and, it turned into a war between Mafia & Cowboys and Police

but Fortunately, Wilder able to save the village and kill Vlad and his mafia members but he got killed by the Police and it turned from a happy ending to a sad ending 

also, that means he sacrifices himself to save villagers and the other cowboys


                                                                                                                                                                                The End



Questions that people asked for


Why the Mafia wants to take out the village?


Because they will sell it to a guy names Albert with 3 Millon dollars

And they want money to make some business and get more members, more info will be in next parts



Why Cowboys Vs Mafia Canceled?


Because I felt like the story doesn't make sense and also the very short missions, I'm out of ideas these days, but I may get an idea and recreate the series again, I mean continue the other parts, that if I got ideas for it, I was supposed to know what I will do in this series before I make it, So yeah, Sorry for who loved this series ( I know everyone didn't like it but it's ok).



It is Cancelled forever?


No, it isn't, this is not final decision, But, I will update and answer this question for later.


What's made you don't want to continue?


1- too lazy 2- out of ideas


See you in other MP




Edited by YGE
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Part 1 Released 


I will make updates about the story and will put the download links here just for note

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1 hour ago, YGE said:

Part 1 Released 


I will make updates about the story and will put the download links here just for note

The mission was not bad. The story was okay but what bothered me was, that we weren't given any information as to why the Mafia wants the village empty. 
Also if you used DYOM# while designing, you could have also tried to use its objects functions to decorate the village a little bit. All in all, a decent introduction. Good luck on the rest. 👍

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@Target13 thanks for your feedback, that helps make the series better

There are still things I didn't announce it in story info to not make spoiler and you will know why Mafia wants to take the village in next parts

Also about DYOM# OBJECTS

dyom# objects sometimes crash my game while I forget to save the mission

But I will try as possible as I can to add good details next parts. 

If you really want to know why Mafia wants to take out the village your answer is in the topic

Thank you


Edited by YGE
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Small Update:


New Changes


Warning: Spoiler


-Albert The Leader Of The Mafia is now Vlad

-And the guy who wants to buy the Village changed from Vlad to Albert

- Gave The Village a New and Nice look


Part 2 Release tomorrow.

Edited by YGE
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  • 2 weeks later...

Part 3 Released, sorry, forgot to put it here


Edited by YGE
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Part 4 Release date changed to unknown date due to some problems

Edited by YGE
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Good News:  I found a way how to upload missions


Part 4 & 5 will release soon in dyom website

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