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Need Business Front Ideas πŸ’‘


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Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, wherever you guys/gals are. I'm seeking for some advice from the community. I'm the leader of a Vagos Gang and I'm looking for ideas to incorporate a business front that would go with the Vagos theme. Another thing, is that in order to get a said business, staff wants if to benefit everyone in the city and that's where I need help. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I imagine this is for an RP, right? Well it really depends on what type of Vagos you're doing, if its V's barely developed version or SA's... also barely developed one. Vagos seem to just be your average latin street gang, so at least you don't have much restrictions lore-wise, no big "no-no"'s the gang wouldn't do. If you have any more details, it'd help on what you want exactly, and the kind of game/rp you're doing.

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Tattoo shop

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The Journey



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