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PCP and Crystal Meth = bad idea


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I am well experienced with strong drugs. I can handle taking 10 hits of acid without ever getting paranoid. I've taken acid and dxm, which is the most intense mix of drugs ever. So naturally I wanted to try PCP and see what all the fuss was about.

I didn't intend to mix it with meth earlier, but the guy with the PCP was tweaking and he said it was safe and he mixed it lots of times so I shrugged and smoked one fat rip of crystal meth. An hour later I smoked a joint with a line of PCP in it. This is mixing the strongest tranquilizer with the strongest amphetamine. I was worried after the first hit that it wouldn't get me very f*cked up, but by the time the joint was finished, there was no way in hell that I could stand up. I could kind of stumble if I used all my strength, but I was way beyond walking. I was just kind of so jacked that I didn't hardly know what was going on. I could barely stay conscious. The guy who brought the stuff over was sitting up and talkative, but I could barely move. Later I crawled into the other room and took one more hit of crystal meth thinking it would wake me up. After the hit, I laid back on a bed and damn near passed out. I was so faded that I was in a dreamlike state even though I was awake. Later I remember taking a gravity bong rip with PCP. I spent the rest of the night laid out on a couch unable to move or see straight. It felt like I would imagine a 12 ounce dxm trip would be. After 5 hours, the guy who sold us the PCP said he came down off it and felt sober. He's some crazy hardcore tweaker. When he said he was down, I still couldn't even walk.

The next day I smoked a bowl and felt like I was full on tripping on PCP again. It instantly made me so tore up that I could pass out. I felt intoxicated for a few days straight. A lot of that was probably due to smoking the meth with it. That was my only experience with PCP. If I were ever to do it again, I would make sure I have a good 3 or 4 days to recover from it. Seriously, if I smoked it on a Friday night, I don't know if I would be recovered by Monday. I don't know if it was just that bomb or if it was the meth that made it so crazy. I've heard of people going crazy on meth but I couldn't even stand up, let alone get violent even if I'd wanted to. I'm no lightweight either. I can take 10 strips of acid casually.

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Very interesting, Sam. Could you make a game now please?

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ok trevor

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Don't do drugs kids or you'll end up posting on the wrong forum.

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