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(100% DONE) Mr. PSX goes for 100% in PC side of things


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Mr. PSX here. Some time GTA game player, and the jazz. Anyways, played all of them PS2 GTA games, completed them to 100% without Criminal Rating reducing stuffs. To be more specific, v1.60 with III, twice with v3.00 with VC but sold that version - once with v1.50 with VC, with v1.03 with SA, v2.01 with SA is under construction, and with both Stories games once. Since I own SA with PC platform and have played it around 70 hours according to stats, trying to do the same here. I dunno if I ever get to do VC on PC, despite owning that but eh. (I've also emulated GTA Advance to 100% some years ago, that one was interesting.)


But the way I play me games in general with PC side made me do this little meme here:


And that's legit, I don't mod any game (no, yer eyes do not deceive ye, ye read that absolutely very quite rightly correctly, NOW PROCEED TO TELL ME HOW I, A FOOL, HAVE PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE) - this is a principle, I actually can stand not being given a 16:9 resolution, also I've had the frame limiter ON for 100% of the time. And I play the OG v1.0 with the disc in me drive. I have the hard cover book manual variant, European English (PEGI age rating) one. I play with me main PC, which runs Windows fricken XP, and I'm writing this with it. (I was told back in 2013 when I got the PS2 ones for the first time ever that after 10 years I'll play the later ones (IV, V) through emulation on PC whatever that meant.)


Now, planning to do some optional stuff as well since I've done some, that's currently under way. I've gotten all them gang area zones, some $555 million, need some girlfriends and Unique Stunt Jumps. Too bad Denise dumps me back in LS, dammits. I've got "WASTED!" and "BUSTED!" at 0 as well. But that meme is not 100% legit, not yet. I'm currently sitting at 99.47%, and before ye ask, the only objective point (heh) I have left is End Of The Line. I dunno if I get the whole mission in one go like with PS2 I've done it, I hope to have that. (Not entirely sure for some reason, but if I fail the mission and I save, does it also remember the checkpoint if I've reached any? Never had the need to know.)

Had some ups, downs, same thing has made me laugh, made me cry, made me rage, made me waste time, ye name it.

Had 100% USER TRACK PLAYER going on, which has mostly .wma formatted muzak, which is mostly not even anachronistic! Am I the only one here to feature some Italian movie muzak from them old days, Japanese old funky jazz and Kmart tapes playing over there? (I've had a quite an appropriate chase music 2 times so far.)

I have accidentally cheated 3 times so far, 2 times it wasn't an issue, third time was after Liberty City mission before saving, so.


But eventually I'll get caught up with the money, the power... I'm having no choice... I have to do it... I'm so close. When I'm done, everyone gonna remember my name... Mr. PSX!



P.S. Speaking of playing without mods, I've told in places that I play without modding, yet people tell me to use some of those. I thought PC means choice with how one plays, that's what everyone says everywhere, roit? Sometimes I feel like there's only one accepted option. Seriously.

Edited by psxdriverplayer
All done
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-We Japanese give life no importance. -Master
-Then why did you ask for help when you were drowning, eh? -Sonny



                          Licensed by

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.



Local man has a YouTube channel containing stuff

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Mr. PSX here a bit laters.

So. Almost done with the optional tasks I want to do before the final mission, and in fact, I practiced catching Sweet earlier and failed with that two times, now did another run and did catch Sweet fine. Guess I'll just have to be close when the GRIP sequence begins. And in fact I did achieve 100%, but...


Before and after. So on the left is the current progress that I have saved, and on the right is after me practice run, which I cheated to get it over with faster. So it doesn't count. I also didn't save that, so there's that as well. Note how the stat for cheating doesn't show up when you haven't done any, so...

"Fellows, if you know how to prey, now's the time." -Doug Bennet

Since I'm trying to do that clean, legit - soon. And man, who made those bike cops shoot with ONE STAR WANTED LEVEL?! No. Just... NO.


Mr. PSX, remember that name!

-We Japanese give life no importance. -Master
-Then why did you ask for help when you were drowning, eh? -Sonny



                          Licensed by

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.



Local man has a YouTube channel containing stuff

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Right then. Mr. PSX here for the final time so far.


Cookies, please. This madman actually managed to do it. 100% on PC GTA SA v1.0, without cheats and mods and stuff. Vanilla game only, in 2020-2021 timespan. Without a controller despite Rockstar recommending to have one kek. Wasn't that hard in the end. Was worried, but End Of The Line went in one long go as I hoped. Noice.


Issues I encountered:

- "You the man!" wasn't showing while having coffee (is this removed on PC or something)

- Girlfriend didn't come out from the door and spawned somewhere nearby, twice

- One time the game somehow closed on me, could be that I did something, ye never know

- While ALT+TAB:ing, some cars looked completely dirty (?) all over sometimes (them was darker)

- Why are the opening FMV's so damn compressed comparing to PS2, where they look nicer (then they say with PC all is better, I'mma KEK'ing hard on that)


This is me just some minutes after achieving this nice feat:


Feels goodman. Also I sat through the end credits as well, as should be.


Stats at the time of achieving this can be found heres if ye want to take looksies at them: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vxXQZFg1g_XGq0F6nA_8e_XLTjRTtomv/


I've managed it on PS2 as well, with the original v1.03 PAL revision:


PC version feels:


Now I can finally retire since I have all the sugar, women and power. Mr. PSX, I hope will be remembered for this. Or else.

-We Japanese give life no importance. -Master
-Then why did you ask for help when you were drowning, eh? -Sonny



                          Licensed by

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.



Local man has a YouTube channel containing stuff

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