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[MP] Apocalypse


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Story: Michael Pierce and his partner (Officer Riley) had a disagreement leading then to a fight resulting Michael to get suspended from his job as a cop and assigned to Los Santos Police Department. after the suspension ended, Michael return to his duty as an Officer and met Lt.Leynard and his new partner Officer Enriquez.

Officer Enriquez needed a new partner because his old partner (Officer Bradley) have been injured in their last duty together. a random guy bite Officer Bradley in the neck causing him to get injured.

Michael and Enriquez are go to Bradley`s House to visit him. but they didn`t know that the random guy who bit Bradley is infected by unknown virus which causing Bradley to turn into infected also. and this is where Michael`s Nightmare begin.




Michael Pierce: He is the Main character of this story. and he is an Elite Cop in LSPD


Mia Pierce: The wife of Michael Pierce. 


Danny: He is the Cousin of Mia Pierce. he lived together with them at the Ganton Street.


Lt. Christopher Leynard: The commanding Officer of Michael Pierce


Officer Enriquez: the new partner of Michael after he got suspended.


Bill Cromwell: The head of the Cromwell Syndicate. he is the first antagonist of the story.


Officer Riley: He is the old partner of Michael Pierce


Officer Riley will be revealed as a right hand of Bill Cromwell.



Side Character:

a lot of character will be introduce in the future development of this story. and as of now here is the list of the side character from Cromwell Arc.


Officer Bradley: The old partner of Officer Enriquez. He is the first infected that Michael will be encounter.


Flora Bradley: The wife of Officer Bradley. 


Jameson: The Old man who is guarding the building where Michael will go to escape the Infected.


Ted: The owner of Clothing store near the police station. He also help Michael to reach the Jefferson Motel.


Bob: The brother of Ted.


Lara: She is the Daughter of Ted.


Sgt.Phillips: The Commanding Officer in LSPD during evacuation.


Officer Ralph: He is a friend and coworker of Sgt.Phillips


Kent Cromwell: The owner of the armored vehicle where Michael will use in order to go in Jefferson Motel.


Glen: A friend of Danny who also live in Ganton Street. he also help Danny and Mia to escape the infected crowd in Ganton Street.


Mission Link:

Click to go to DYOM Site


From Author:

This is my Seconds MP that i made. the first one is (The Haunted) you can play this MP using this Link.

as the story progress. you can see the connection between the two MP, The Haunted and Apocalypse.


As of now. the Cromwell Arc was finished recently.

Season 1:

Episode 1: Apocalypse

Episode 2: The Beginning

Episode 3: Survive

Episode 4: Lost

Episode 5: Left Behind

Episode 6: The Police Station

Episode 7: Survivor

Episode 8: The Cromwell Family

Episode 9: Mia part.1

Episode 10: Mia part.2

Episode 11: Mia part.3

Episode 12: Deadly Alley

Episode 13: Infiltrate

Episode 14: Bill Cromwell

Episode 15: Escape

Episode 16: Redemption

Episode 17: Dying is same as Living

Episode 18: The Evacuation (Easy Mode Version) Link | The Evacuation (Hell Mode Version) Link

Episode 19: Run as you can Link | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 20: Dead Road (Easy Mode Version) Link | Dead Road (Hell Mode Version) Link

Episode 21: Rescue (Easy Mode Version) Link | Rescue (Hell Mode Version) Link

Episode 22: The Gate (Easy Mode Version) Link | The Gate (Hell Mode Version) Link

Episode 23: Sanctuary (Easy Mode Version) Link | Sanctuary (Hell Mode Version Link)

Episode 24: Hope (Easy Mode Version) Link | Hope (Hell Mode Version) Link


This one is now under development

Season 2:

Episode 25: Reunion | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 26: Sanitation | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 27: Terror in Blueberry | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 28: Amanda Monroe | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 29: Reporter`s Tale | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 30: Operation Blueroom | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 31: Siege (Easy Mode) Link | Siege (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 32: Guardian Angel (Easy Mode) Link | Guardian Angel (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 33: Trial of Death (Easy Mode) Link | Trial of Death (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 34: Interrogation (Easy Mode) Link | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 35: Welcome to Blueberry (Easy Mode) Link | Welcome to Blueberry (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 36: The Bishop (Easy Mode) Link | The Bishop (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 37: The Horse pt.1 (Easy Mode) Link | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 38: The Horse pt.2 (Easy Mode) Link | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 39: The Horse pt.3 (Easy Mode) Link | (No available Hell Mode Version)

Episode 40: The Horse pt.4 (Easy Mode) Link | The Horse pt.4 (Hell Mode) Link

Episode 41: The Rook pt.1 Link 

Episode 42: The Rook pt.2 Link 

Episode 43: The Rook pt.3 Link 

Episode 44: The Rook pt.4 Link 

Episode 45: The Rook pt.5 (Easy Mode) Link | The Rook pt.5 (Hell Mode) Link






The Main Antagonist of (The Haunted) which is Leonardo Del Diablo is the Creator of the Phito Virus and a business partner of the Main Antagonist of the (Apocalypse) which is Norman Horbert. Horbert also mentioned during the demonstration of the effect of Phito Virus way back in (The Haunted) series.


The Main Protagonist of (The Haunted) which is Jed Gillmore, will also appear in the UVC Arc of this story.










Edited by kennkielz007
for update
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The John David

The story is quite interesting? Might try to play this.


Looks like I'm not the only Philippine DYOM Designer here :)


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Nice :) John David, i never knew you came from ph as well :D.

i watched Aznkei1 playing your mission (The Walking Dead) and it is so cool 

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The John David
2 hours ago, kennkielz007 said:

Nice :) John David, i never knew you came from ph as well :D.

i watched Aznkei1 playing your mission (The Walking Dead) and it is so cool 

I like the say the same too for you :D

Your Apocalypse mission pack from 2014 is really amazing with horrifying creatures.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Starting from now. i will upload 2 mode on each mission. (easy mode & hell mode).

Easy mode: most of the infected are equipped with knife only & a few with a fire extinguisher.

Hell mode: most of the infected are equipped with fire extinguisher & flame thrower.

                  with low chances to get the pickups. 





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Wow, saw it on Aznkei channel and I must say. You made me look impressed using RE4 references into your mp and execute ir pretty well. I might play this aswell sometime.... or start watching it again on aznkei.

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  • 1 year later...

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