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[Support] [SP] carvariations.meta file not being recognized in addon DLC


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Posted (edited)

Edit: After having redone the entire DLC, the file is now recognized properly. I had updated the folder structure so that files were in identical places to Rockstar-created DLCs (i.e. data files within common\data\ folder, vehicles.meta in levels\gta5\ folder rather than just dumping them in common\, although that worked before), and used the Rockstar-created content and setup2 data files from mpgunrunning with changes to remove unused paths and update the DLC name. I still have zero idea why what I had done before broke just carvariations.meta and nothing else, so if you know what I screwed up on, please comment. 


I am having issues with the carvariations file in an addon DLC I created. This issue started to occur after I refactored the content.xml file, but no changes have been made to that file that would cause issues. You can find the text of content.xml here and the text of carvariations.meta here. The carvariations.meta file is located at dlc.rpf\common\carvariations.meta and content.xml located in the DLC root. I've attempted changing the DLC name within content.xml to dlc_addonContentCRC from dlc_addonContent; neither of these names work. If it matters, the three vehicles I tested are dune6, tpiasterope, and tampa4; however, I can guarantee all of the other vehicles have this issue as well. 


Spawning vehicles that should use data from the carvariations file result in vehicle colors being completely incorrect (i.e. solid blue on what's supposed to be a desert tan vehicle, or a solid yellow applied to a white vehicle) and modkits not working. Vehicles that were already in a save game have all of their modifications removed as there is no modkit ID set to them. 


I checked to ensure that there is no carvariations file elsewhere that would override these, removed my other addon DLCs, and rechecked/typed the paths multiple times. Please let me know if you need anything else from me and thanks in advance for any help. 


GTA V Social Club RETAIL 2060.1-dev_ng_Live

Windows 10 Professional Build 19041.vb_release.191206-1406


Edited by TacticalDonut
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