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[PS4/PC] The Slapping Swindlers Gang - A RDO Roleplay Community (+16)

Jezzy Petes

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Jezzy Petes
Posted (edited)

The Slapping Swindlers Gang - A Roleplay Community (+16)



The Slapping Swindlers Roleplay Community are a group of friends roleplaying on Red Dead Online as an outlaw gang attempting to survive on the Frontier, running from the law, rivals and other adversaries.
We are currently seeking other, mature, like minded folk, to boost our ranks and enhance our roleplaying experience.

What platforms are you on?

PS4 and PC


How does it work?

We host roleplaying sessions every week, in-game, gathering enough people to act out their own made characters, through thegame and in-game voice chat.


Currently, everyone in the community has started in the same gang (The Slapping Swindlers).


New members (that would be you, the reader) have the ability to start on one of the follwing factions:


-Slapping Swindlers - Changed by an ever unforgiving Frontier, you have become an errant Outlaw. In order to survive, you've met and befriended a couple of folk in the similar situation. The call themselves "The Slapping Swindlers Gang" and have no other goal than to make their earn illicitly.


-Bloodrose Bounty Hunter - You've made a "living" out of bringing Outlaws to justice. Although it hasn't earned you a badge (yet), it has caught the attention of a professional outfit called "The Blackrose Bounty Hunter Guild". They have a challenging job for you, should you join them. To hunt down the Slapping Swindlers. ALIVE.


What rules do you have?

 1. Story over Winning.
    In some sports (like Judo), it is taught how one should take a fall, as it is inevitable. Similarly, it's our belief, that any good roleplayer is prepared to "lose" should the situation calls for it.
    A common situation, for example, is if your character in-game gets "killed" by another roleplayer, we do not consider it an actual death. We do however, consider it to be a major injury. So when your    charcater respawns, you have to act as if you're injured and not run away OR continue to shoot back.
Outrage and tantrums over "losing" a situation, will not be tolerated.


 2. Mutually, support, respect and love one another.

    We're a group of friends, from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ethinicities, gender identity, sexual orientation and so on.  

    We're opening up the community as we feel the need to freshen things up and meet new people.
    And as such we ask to please respect all those you meet. The unwillingness do so, and the use of derogatory and discriminatory terms and expression of associated beliefs will not be tolerated.


3. Keep it real (enough)
   The term "Metagaming" is a term used in roleplay which describes a player's use of real-life or game mechanics knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.
  For example, we don't mind the use of radar/map to locate where your friends are, but using it to track and follow someone you're hunting down is a bit much.
   Please use that knowledge sparingly and not in excess. You can't know and be everywhere at once.
   The perceived excess of Metagaming will not be tolerated.

How does one join?

If you're interested we have a discord link below. Please bear in mind that we have a small admission process.

As soon as you join the server please post the following on the first channel available to you (#admission-room) the following information.


        - Gender (Your gender and prefered pronouns).
        - Prefered Platform: (PS4 and/or PC)
        - Motivation for joining (Tell us why
        - What you enjoy (Tell us what you enjoy the most out of everything in your life)
        - What you despise (Tell us what you do not like at all)
        - Prefered faction (Slapping Swindler or Blackrose Bounty Hunter).
        - Character Bio (Tell us the story behind your character. Who are they, what made them what they are, how did they get how and where they currently are.


After examining the application, we'll have a chat about it, and if we deem fit, you'll be let on the rest of the discord channel server. You'll be on probabtion for 3 months. We reserve the right to remove you from the community should any of the rules are broken or we deem you unfit.

We hope to see you on the frontier soon!


Edited by Jezzy Petes
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