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GTA 1/London 69/61 problem on Windows 10.


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So, I run GTA 1 and London with 16-bit color graphics and it's unplayable freezing, then i switch to 32 bit color graphics and i get a black screen and cannot switch anything back. So what's the problem? I tried different compability modes and it doesn't work. Help me, please!

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Can you specify? Are you using Toshiba-3's Max Pack version or the Rockstar versions? It's understandable if you're using the Rockstar version, it has a mixed reception when it comes to working to windows 10. Some say it works for them, others say it doesn't. If you wanna make it work you could always download the "dgVoodoo2", (Link below), it should make the game stop flickering or putting you in a black screen when at a x32 resolution. Another thing about the Rockstar versions is how the music doesn't work or is just broken. GTA 1 can be fixed by using the "gtafixer", (Link below). As for London 1969 and 1961, you're out of luck. Unless you know some programming, you'll probably end up corrupting the game more than anything. The Rockstar version isn't the best way to experience these games, that's why I always recommend others to play Toshiba-3's Max Pack version, as that is more stable and has working music you can listen to when you steal vehicles.

Now, if the problem is the Max Pack version, then I am rather surprised. I guess it could be left up to PC specs, as long as you have something decent that at least has a refresh rate of 60Hz, it shouldn't even be a problem. Even this crapi laptop that I use works well enough with it. There isn't much more I can say, I guess switching to Direct3D could fix it? Do let me know what problems you are experiencing. Oh, just a few weeks ago I found a way to make the multiplayer work so there's that if you're interested. Hope to hear back.

gtafixer: Gta fixer for gta-1 (libertycity.net)

dgVoodoo2: Downloads - Dege's stuffs (freeweb.hu)

Max Pack multiplayer: How can I play the GTA Max Pack Multiplayer? (SOLVED) - GTA - GTAForums

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@ThermalMoon, thank you, i already downloaded max pack version and it runs pretty much good!

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