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How To: Submit a Save N Play Request


Recommended Posts

How To: Submit a Save N Play Request

Having trouble with a mission or activity in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Submit a Save N Play Request by sharing your save file and having a member of GTAForums complete it for you!

Upload Your Save File
You'll need to share your save file to receive help. If you play on PC, Android or iOS, locate your save file and upload it to GTASnP.com or a file sharing service of your choice that does not require registration for downloading files. You can also upload save files from other versions of the game, but be aware that there may be limited helpers available.

Create A Request Topic
Start a new topic in this forum and use the following name format for the title:

[SnP] Mission Name [Version]
  • Replace "Mission Name" with the name of the mission or activity you want help with
  • Replace "Version" with the version of the game you play:
    • If you play on PC, mention whether you play on the "Retail" disc release, the "Steam" digital release or "Rockstar Launcher" digital release
    • If you play on another platform, mention the platform name

Here are some examples of an appropriate title:

[SnP] Autocide [Steam] 
[SnP] Keep Your Friends Close... [Android]

In the content box, provide a clear link to your save file and explain what mission or activity you want completed. Be sure to include any additional information or requests, such as whether or not you mind if the helper gets busted or wasted. Once you are happy with your request, click "Submit"!

Be Patient
Now you just need to wait until someone offers to complete your request. Please remember to be patient, it may take some time to receive help and behaving impatiently won't speed up the process.

If your request gets successfully completed, be sure to mark the helper's post as a solution using the button at the bottom of their post.

Thanks for following this guide! I hope you get the help you need :)

How To Help Others
If you want to help complete requests made by others, all you need to do is find a request in this forum that you think you can help with and make sure you have the same version of the game as the requester. It's recommended you don't have modifications installed as not to damage someone's save file!

If you're playing on PC but are playing a different version of the game as the requester, you can download a copy of their save file compatible with your version by using the modifications dropdown on GTASnP.com before downloading. Note that when you upload your completed save it'll be a different version than the requester is expecting, so remember to convert it back or let them know you've converted it!

When you've found a request you're ready to help with, let the requester and other potential helpers know you're about to take on the request by making a post in the topic - a simple "I'll do it" is good enough.

Download the shared save file and complete the request. Remember to only complete the mission or activity that has been requested, and be sure to follow any additional requests in the post. Once complete, save the game, upload the updated save file and edit a link to it into your post where you said you'll help out!

Thanks for being a helpful member of the community! :)

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