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Here is an interesting question


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When will video games, specifically grand theft auto, reach the point where levels are static and evolve organically instead of being randomly generated.

What I mean is when you enter a city block the area is randomly generated and if you leave and return everything will be different.

It would be nice if somehow they could come up with the means to have a city feel more alive, with all the npcs and action happening in a virtual world that unfolds in real time instead of randomly.


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I think they would mostly likely have to script parts of the city and environment in order to do that sort of stuff, I don't how it work though. It would be an interesting idea tbh. 

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Posted (edited)

I have no idea when will it would be truly like that because I'd guess that it would take lots of memory?


Anyway, I think RDR2 does this in a way but it's not perfect. There were events in RDR2 throughout the story mode where you can participate, for example, the construction of train tracks near annesberg that happens over time, but it's scripted, obviously and there's nothing like that happening in cities. But if you follow NPCs, you can find that they're not just going somewhere randomly in circles but some NPCs have lives of their own.


But RDR2 did it in a small scale, I think GTA VI will have things like this but in a larger scale, and more events happening in parts of maps that will evolve throughout the story. It kinda reminds of how the Mile high club never got finished in GTA V lol.


And obviously more NPCs having their own set of 'lives', maybe they can make it better by making NPCs do things differently every day, but that's insane. 

Edited by Orthur The Boah
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What you're asking about sounds like an absolute resource hog. RDRII already made a huge step forward in terms of "living, breathing world" and GTA VI will for sure make another one but what you seem to ask about is literally world simulation? It sounds like a last step, boundary, end goal.

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A couple years ago I would have said ten years, but at this pace being a pessimist, I assume 15-20.

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I don't know that that will ever happen in a GTA and I don't think it'll ever be necessary. That would require a massive amount of memory and no matter how good consoles get I think there's always going to be a better use for that memory.


I could see them incorporating more stuff like that, though. Things like the train in the first Red Dead Redemption but with busses. Maybe even the Strangers and Freaks actually exist in the world and have daily routines. Or just random NPCs.


I can't see them ever giving every NPC a full and fleshed out routine, though. At the end of the day, NPCs don't need to actually live a real life in order to be effective. They just need to appear as if they live a real life at a glance. 



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I'd honestly rather have fun gameplay and things to do than dwell in minor details like that.

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