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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

How do I protect my game and friends network from Modders?


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Posted (edited)
51 minutes ago, SheerTorcher said:

I had seen them spoof other people's names when they, for example, used my name to explode every player on the server, so I knew they went that far. But some of the people I've reported sent me angry social club mails also from the name they appeared to have in game, so I haven't seen evidence that they themselves can log in with someone elses' name.


In any case, as a TakeTwo investor I find this whole thing very disturbing. I think if it comes to the point where myself and others actually have files damaged or kiddie pr0n planted or something, parents/spouses the world over, and potentially even governments, are going to forbid TakeTwo products. I understand the peer-to-peer model has distinct pro's vs a server based model, but I think TakeTwo/Rockstar is absorbing a lot of risk by producing games with security this lax. 


Is RDO any better? Might I be safe playing RDO? Are there any plans to improve security for GTA6?

No, RDO is not any better. There are mod menus for that game as well. 


GTAO menu users can indeed spoof whatever ID they want and even block access to their actual ID. Most are too lazy to set it up though or they are not being abuse enough to cause others to care about them. 


When you report a menu user through the game the report just goes straight to them. That lets them find you and screw with you. Best not to mess with it. 


In a session with a menu abuser that is making everyone miserable?  Just find another session. 

Edited by dieseltech20
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Posted (edited)

I rammed that guy for 15 min with my RC tank and he ended to leave, after that I'd a word with another scriptkid of the session who was in "cool bro u mad" mode, but both had low tiers sh*tmenu, otherwise they straight cut your connection, kick from session...etc


I wonder if R* would even ban them quickly if you send them gameplay of them obviously cheating...I found there was so so many cancers in pub sessions recently, also absolute scrubs using godmode in heists. Imagine being so bad at the game you need to pay 150$ to finish Casino heist lol



Edited by Hécate-II
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^ Technically, the "$150 menu" allows people to run the Casino Heist completely 'solo' (with a bot), and Godmode can be done very easily via memory editing because there's no checks for that, but I'm surprised there's seemingly "more" cheaters on the prowl this week. 


Blatant stuff like that rank though is silly unless all that data is spoofed so the player doesn't care. 

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3 minutes ago, Gaffa said:

Blatant stuff like that rank though is silly unless all that data is spoofed so the player doesn't care. 


This guy was blatantly stupid, using explosive minigun near Integrity Way and killing entire session with Deluxo.


Last year I had already those guys playing Casino heist with godmode and cheated weapons, but now I really see those guys more, I don't know, even saw one in a survival..

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  • 2 weeks later...

I won the jackpot...I'm being stalked by this pos, I found nothing else than Guardian works ...he can even join Invite-Only lobby, join any pub lobby 2 min after I changed session etc...also crashed my game several times. Basicly I told him to stop using his noobmenu in a Lamar mission, because ofc this trash needs a modmenu and godmode to play a f*cking contact mission  🤣




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