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Gta V and Online has the worst traffic variety in the series


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Posted (edited)

In all the previous Gta's you can get a variety of cars from boring sedans to exotic supercars like the infernus and cheetah, In Gta V and Online while you do have boring sedans and the occasional sports car, most of the exotic supercars are only available on websites and can't be stolen off the streets or in traffic, It's likely before the game released that many of the cars were available in traffic in both single player and online, but Rockstar decided to change that with online so people could buy their dumbass shark cards if they couldn't afford the cars and decided to be assholes and remove them from traffic in single player too. Rockstar was changing for the worst around 2013 and they've only gotten more greedy and careless

Edited by RamsaySaint77
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I find that if you drive a certain type of vehicle (non-rare types) about 40% of the surrounding traffic would have the exact same vehicle

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You're complaining over something that's not even true. GTA5 has too many supercars that spawn in traffic. Literally in my game everywhere I go near Micheals house I see one spawn. If this was IV I could get that complaint since you hardly ever see a supercar on the streets but in V they spawn like weeds.

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There are lots of supercars that spawn in traffic, just go to Vinewood/Rockford hills and u will find them everywhere

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This is only traffic , that act like real traffic in terms of "spawn" rate.


Well I prefer older style, where every car have its own parking spot on map and spawn point.


But there was like 50 cars at all and its tripled in GTA V.




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