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GTA V - Truck Simulator Multiplayer


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Posted (edited)



Hi everyone 🙂


I am creating something like a car simulator / truck simulator multiplayer mod, in the perspective real-life,

natural economy and self-organizing server population. I have been developing it for a very long time. 

I am looking for like-minded people who are interested in this topic. 


Here I plan to publish the development process for your comments.

Briefly aspects of Mod concept:

  • Vanilla GTA Universe
  • Realistic car behavior/control/physics
  • All SUVs and off-road vehicles make practical sense
  • Realistic model of purchasing, using and owning cars
  • Truck simulator
  • Player-based economy
  • Properies, bussines
  • Multiple characters
  • No pay-to-win and God-admins

You can help to keep the light on 🙂

Edited by Superheros
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We are expanding the vehicle range only by models from the GTA universe. For example,

this is Brute Paulton series semi truck. On sale will be available two versions of engines

(standard and increased power) and two versions of the chassis (two-axle and three-axle).


These trucks will be in the middle and entry-priced semi trucks category.

The engines are characterized by high consumption, but they are quite reliable!

It will also be possible to find very worn-out copies with high mileage and a rusty

body on sale. The initial price segment just starts with these offer 🙂


Possibly a sleeper model will be added. This option will allow you to leave the character

to rest anywhere on the map, not just in a safe house.


We are currently testing these systems:

  • Air compressor (efficiency, wear, performance versus engine RPM)
  • Air brakes for trucks and trailers (efficiency, auto-braking at low pressure)
  • Air suspension for semi trucks
  • Receiver pressure and dashboard indication

Some video:


Vehicle dashboard


The air suspension works fine, it just needs a little help...


Lights Battery-Generator-Starter effects


Smash front window




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Posted (edited)

Briefly some details of the vehicle systems that got on this video:

  • The dashboard is a very important element of the gameplay (all information is of practical importance)
  • The video shows the dashboard of a diesel car, but not a truck. Trucks will have more indicators such as brake pressure, battery level, etc.)
  • Ignition switch positions: OFF, ON(+ACC), START
  • After turning on the ignition (position ON), self-diagnosis of some systems occurs (the indicators will go out if the check is passed).
  • The engine, oil pressure, alternator, and power steering lights go out after each system is turned on. All systems have a different startup delay. Each car model has unique parameters for each subsystem.
  • Brake and throttle (pedals) force can be easily adjusted on the keyboard (gameplay important and practical).
  • Switching to reverse does not happen automatically when stopped 🙂
  • Some indicator animations are not completed yet (engine start, cut-off rpm limit)
  • Arrows have different sensor sensitivity
  • The arrows have a single power deactivation effect.
  • The dashboard displays different effects for different cars (analog and digital indicator effects)
  • Dashboards differ for cars (different designs, scales, arrangement of elements)
  • The engine does not warm up fast enough for you to notice changes in the temperature reading in the video.
  • Thermodynamics of the engine is a separate topic (Consists of the engine heating system and the cooling system.Engine temperature affects wear, fuel consumption, engine power etc.)
  • If the dashboard light goes out and flickers when the engine is started, then the battery is very low. And the starter will start the engine longer. It is not visible in the video, since the battery is charged 🙂
  • Rendering of car dashboard does not affect FPS loss
  • At the moment of a total collision, the current values of the arrows will freeze forever. (for a real-life server mode)
Edited by Superheros
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Is there a feature to pee in a gatorade bottle while going 60 down the interstate?

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Posted (edited)

We continue to develop.


Some vehicles are equipped with Traction Control System.

Start from high rpm, TCS Off: https://youtu.be/KDQ6bQffWFo
This is the standard behavior of all GTA V cars.


Same start, but with TCS On: https://youtu.be/Ld3zTlOIhhU


Skidding and TCS Off: https://youtu.be/O8ob6RHFM1I


Skidding and  TCS On: https://youtu.be/Wcb0wOxh_kY

Comparison of starting on sports tires (left) and off-road tires (right). Offroad loss of grip on good roads and 5% loss in top speed. But it's hard to get stuck!


We deal separately with Off-road systems. Cross-country ability, burying, pulling out on a cable, the effect of tires on off-road and asphalt, etc.

We are preparing more videos about off-road.

Edited by Superheros
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Posted (edited)


Off-road abilities are several factors. The main ones are the type of tires, engine power, AWD mode, the type of car and the ground clearance.


The first car has a powerful engine but asphalt tires. With all-wheel drive engaged, it tries to overcome an average incline.


The next car has a stock engine but off-road tires. In the process of lifting, the disengagement and activation of all-wheel drive is demonstrated.


The latter car has super off-road tires and tries to tackle a very steep incline. It also demonstrates the inclusion and disengagement of all-wheel drive on a slope.


In all cases, Traction Control is turned off, since at the moment it interferes with off-road conditions, because slows down RPM when slipping :)  Later this moment will probably be finalized for SUVs and the ability to block upshifts will be added.


Off-roading will also be affected by the ratio of clearance to chassis length. Thus, passenger cars will have worse cross-country ability than SUVs on the same asphalt tires.


Long skidding in one place will cause burrowing. In this case, you can use a cable or a winch :) 



Off-road tires have poor acceleration and lower top speed on asphalt roads.


Each tire has 2 health values: remaining tread height, and tire cord wear. Various factors affecting the wear of each of the factors. Tread thickness will wear out in most cases due to slipping and skidding of each wheel. Whereas the tire cord wears out due to the hard impacts of the wheel.

Off-road tread wears much longer than asphalt tires, but the tire cord wears out more.


We are planning to launch closed beta testing server. If you are interested, please PM me :) 

Edited by Superheros
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On 5/5/2021 at 2:05 PM, universetwisters said:

Is there a feature to pee in a gatorade bottle while going 60 down the interstate?

Way of the road, bubs

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