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What is spookiest location in GTA San Andreas?


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Kind of a stupid question, but for me, it's the countryside, because that bald hick spawns there.

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Palomino creek area where the wheel chair is.

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On 5/2/2021 at 2:06 AM, NicolásACR said:

Obviously, the desert.

There's arguments for the forest vs the desert. Thing thing that gets me about the desert is that you can clearly see when you're alone but you never feel alone. 

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Evil empire

The parking of the driving-school when you earned at last the bronze medal.


(Like I previously wrote in another thread).

The fact you get that junky crappy rubbish garbage Super GT heap of $hit as a "reward" is nothing but a mix of contempt, provocation and sadism.

That.........thing is so lame and the good cars are so rare why the hell didn't they replace it with a Flash or a Sultan? Whoever decided to make the Super GT so horrible to drive, force the player to use that waste for the last driving-school mission and make that trash a "reward" is an insane psycho who should be locked up in a lunatic asylum for countless years.

The only place where the Super GT would fit is the Harwood junkyard as a compacted wreck.

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I don't know about spookiest but I find the Atrium spooky for some reason. 




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I find empty places that supposed to be not empty to be the most eerie. For example, the crack palace (after "End of the Line"), Easter Bay Chemicals, KACC Base (outside of "Up Up and Away", and Area 69 if you enter it with no police cheat. Places like that give me that kenopsia feeling.


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For me it's the Panopticon,those blood stains in the cabin make the place really creepy

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16 hours ago, XGrimmReaperX_ said:

A completely dark train tunnel in country zone, next to Helena's house.


I wished that area was more illuminated because it's annoying when driving any vehicle under there.


There's a solid chance that you have to keep hugging the walls if looking at the mini-map doesn't help out.


I think it would have be really immersive if Rockstar decided to add a few small lights along the way to lure the player.

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  • 3 weeks later...

For me the most scariest place has to be Panopticon. When I went on my yet another Leatherface hunt I was so absolutely terrified of going there - I parked my car up by the bloody sheds just before the mid-night, the fog has just set in, so I climbed on the roof of one of the sheds there too afraid to get down onto the ground. I literally spend most of that night just jumping from one high point to another - roof to logs, logs to another logs. I nipped into the bloody sheds once or twice, but I had to be really quick and got out of there as soon as I had seen the blood spatters, which is what I came to see in the first place.


The other eerie places have to be:

- B'o'B and Shady Cabin. Again, I went there at night in a lorry, WCTR blaring from the speakers, but was too scared to get out so just kept driving and hoping I don't overturn.

- Palomino Creek's jetty and North Rock cabin on a foggy night

- Big Ear if you want it to be spooky. I used to run around at night listening to Mr Hat and Mr Trenchcoat. Had a great time.

- Las Brujas, and that road that goes up the hill. Not as scary as the others, but still. The hills have eyes 😟

- CJ's house. You never know if Beverly's ghost is there, or if Samara was going to jump at you. There was a period of time I used to dash across the living room to the diskette, before eventually starting to save elsewhere :)


R* did the most brilliant job in designing SA map and giving these places their character. The weather settings were well thought through and polished to perfection.

Edited by Lioshenka
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  • 2 weeks later...

Las Brujas and El Castillo Diablo always gave me an ominous feel, especially during that mission where Torino kept speaking out of the speakers. 

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On 5/1/2021 at 8:08 PM, sefus said:

The Cordillera always gave me the heebie jeebis

Holy sh*t you mentioned the Bayside Cordillera.


I have no idea but that place be spooky. The creepiest, unsettling, or weirdest locations in R* games always tend to be the ones with no context. 

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The spookiest place is Las Brujas. Especially when its night and foggy. The place doesn't look ok and it feels like everytime you enter there. You have the feeling that somebody is watching you.

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