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Xevengar's GTA 3 New interiors and locations (Portland)


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Updated: 1 May 2021


Hello everyone, over the last couple of days I have been experimenting with gta 3 modding and made all of these for fun and mainly for myself.

I never really had any intentions of releasing this, but since I got a couple of interiors done I figured some of you guys might appreciate this.

The installation is really simple since it uses mod loader, the only thing I recommend is to use the xbox version hd mod for more compatibility and less bugs. Apart from modloader there is just a single optional ipl file that can be copy pasted in order to remove bushes from 8 ball's house itnerior


This mod uses 2 or 3 models from the snow mod and the extended interiors mod, I asked for permission to use them, but got no reply.


Anyway, the mod adds:

Cemetery next to portland safehouse

Sem-techs interior

Hotel Red Rocket next to safehouse

Bowler's Fist interior

Big Als Liquor interior

Luigi's Sex Club 7 Interior

Casting Sofa

XXXMags interior

Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals interior

Executive Relief Interior

New bar (Foxxxy Roxxxy), above Executive Relief

Cheap Thrills interior (Used from extended interiors mod)

New Rooftop Garden in Red Light District

AM Gas Station interior

8 Ball's garage and building interior

Punk Noodle's Interior (used from Snow mod)

Old School hall/Gym interior

Joey's garage interior

Mean Street Taxis interior

Lighthouse Bridge added

Greasy Joe's Interior (used from extended interiors mod)

Mr. Wong's Laundrette interior

Auto Credit Autos Office

\\\\\New: Morgue\\\


I added some static peds from gta 3 vice city and sa, some with new skins, I also added a few gags/easter eggs to try to match rockstar's humor a bit


I don't really know If I will be making new interiors, but If I do, I will update this post.

Hope you like it


Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/jCtjaRA


Video - 





Edited by Xevengar
New video and update to mod
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Nice work, bro! But you better add the download link directly to your youtube comments section. Cuz the forum maybe block your link dogmatically.

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Cheers man, glad you like it. Thanks for the heads up, the dl link on youtube is now changed

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Nice job, though LC now has an overabundance of whore houses, those pedestrians also look kinda of odd as well, still, looks great!

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Glad to see GTA III modding is still alive.


Just two tips:

1: Peds can be added via scripting, they won't have those custom animations and poses but it's much better immersion-wise. You could release an alternative version without the static peds for those that want to add them using scripts.

2: I noticed many of the entrances got their doors removed. You could either work on the door from the vanilla models or simply add them via IPL using the door objects from Portland safehouse and Luigi's club back entrance (yep, most buildings in Red Light have the same door texture, although you might have to work on the green ones).

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys, hope you both are doing well.

Thank you for your words and valid criticism, all I gotta say is that I agree with the peds and door points, both of those were things I was also aware doing my experiments.

I just started messing around with modding in gta 3 so regarding peds, I still haven't learned scripting so I just decided to add the static people instead of empy shops, but yes I agree that it does look strange.

As far as the doors go I tried to leave them in, in most cases, but when the closed texture was 2 doors side by side, I just decided to leave them off 90% of the time since I had no real plans of releasing this and I just wanted to focus on the building part. I had to pick other doors and retexture them and I admit that I got a bit lazy :p

I avoided IPL as max as I could, i still haven't tried many things using the map editor, as I was getting various problems with it, so the only time I used it was to move some bushes from inside 8 ball's house. 

Instead, I just used the game's dff files and built onto them.

The other thing I kinda wish I added but still haven't investigated enough was lights/coronas, I think they would make the final result much better.

So yeah guys, sorry this wasn't very polished but, thanks once again. As I said i don't know if I will do more since my curiosity regarding what I can do in gta 3 is kinda satisfied, but If i do I will keep what you said in mind, especially the door part.

Take care! 

Edited by Xevengar
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Love it!

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  • 4 months later...

Great work. I like the Courage the Cowardly Dog reference in your mod, I grew up with this show while playing GTA 3. Good times.

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