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(SnP Included) GTA San Andreas Rainbomizer Import / Export Error (I Think It Is Solved)

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Hello Developers, Experts and Helpers


I`m going to explain my problem step by step


I have GTA San Andreas (Legit), ASI Loader, Silent Patch (For Mouse Fix) and off course Rainbomizer Mod and i always create a new slot right after unlocking a new island. I had no problems without this mod and i didn`t use cheat, dupe, or glitch the game. This is my save file below (Are You Going to San Fierro?) on gtasnp.



 I did the following missions after this save file


- Driving School unlocked and completed between "Deconstruction" and "Yay Ka Boom Boom"  https://gtasnp.com/SRzRGk

- After "Yay Ka Boom Boom" Wang Cars has been purchased and "Customs Fast Track" has been completed... https://gtasnp.com/Krle1h

- I've also completed Puncture Wounds in order to acquire Wang Cars. https://gtasnp.com/E94pFe


but Import/Export mission didn`t unlock and i couldn`t see this Blackboard (No Blackboard on Import Export Area) so what do i have to do?




- This time i left this Driving School to the last and completed the rest of these missions to "Yay Ka Boom Boom" except Zero's missions..

- I removed Rainbomizer files, completed all Driving School tests and purchased Wang Cars

- I did Customs Fast Track and finally Import/Export has been unlocked..

- I reloaded Rainbomizer Files, tested to import a Sentinel and perfectly worked on Rainbomizer 🙂


Thank You..😊



Edited by ArmanCan
I tried to solve my problem with different ways
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