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Miami Rumble


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Vice City, or more recently known as Miami after an official rename released by its Mayor, has had a period of prosperity and peace for nearly a decade, but it is now coming to an end after Gang Wars seem to become a common thing once again. Ezra Jennings, a young man who was forced to work for the Forelli Crime Family as a teen, but found himself free from them after the Vercetti Family completely drove them out of the city, finds himself taking part in these gang wars, however, not for one side or another, but rather for his own benefits. However, nothing lasts forever, and he might be forced to eventually pick a side as things get worse, before he gets destroyed from all directions.




Skinid124.jpg   Ezra Jennings

A 35 year old man, Ezra was born in Vice City. Due to his parents involvement with the Forelli Crime Family, and their unpaid debts to them, he was taken by the gang when he was 17 years old and forced to run errands for them, risking his life every single day. This dangerous life has made him quite a capable person. After the Vercetti Family drove the Forelli Family out of Vice City, Ezra was able to steal a part of their money and remain in Vice City, building himself a stable life. With plenty of contacts, he would still get involved in illegal activities, but only minor things like street racing, wanting to live his life as peacefully as possible.


Skinid184.jpg  Jorge Morales

Jorge Morales is a 39 years-old man who has moved in Vice City from San Andreas in 1989. He is an illegal firearms and drugs dealer who has made himself quite known in Vice City, and is pretty requested. Allied to the Cubans, he supplies them with guns whenever he can. He met Ezra in a nightclub in 1992, and they have been friends since then, especially bonded by their mutual passion for cars.


more characters are to be added here as the missions are being developed



  • Interesting storyline
  • Return to Vice City around 10 years after the events of the original game
  • Action-packed missions
  • Hidden pickups scattered across the missions for you to find, just for fun, like a special achievement



Besides DYOM v8.1 and CLEO (obviously), you must have GTA United 1.2 installed, as the mission pack is done in the map of Vice City, which is added by the mod.



1. Prologue: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/69420

Edited by NomadicKing
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