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Grove Street Stories Mission pack


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Hello and welcome to my first ever mission pack!
It's about Grove Street obviously and your main character is Brian Johnson!
I want to mention I included dead characters like : Brian , Tony , Big Devil , Little Devil , Beverly Johnosn , Officer Pendelbury(not in this chapter but in the next..)
The year it takes place is 1987 and it's a whole new storyline not like the one we know!There aren't unions like Grove x Aztecas and Ballas x Vagos!The missions are mostly about knowing the characters and much shooting!Most of the missions can be hard if you are a begginer so i will list them and give some advices!

The missions:
Introduction-You do nothing I just mention the things I said here cuz some of you are lazy to read lol
Cleaning up the hood - Use a knife.
Tony - Kill the ones without the melee weapons first
Shopping.. - As soon as you leave the shop run to the car and drive
Devils - Shoot as much as you can.. could appear a bug when you leave ten green bottles and teleport you in Las Venturas..I played the mission several times and happened once to me so..skip it if you want after that cuz there is only cutsenes left after it
Betrayal - Try not to die and protect your homies cuz if anyone of them dies you fail the mission
Funeral - Maybe the hardest one of all...Look out because you are attacked from much sides...And kill all
End of chapter 1 - Not much of a gameplay..if you use a ragdoll mod it is possible in one cutsene the character to be missing..
Thats it have fun and stay tuned for next chapter!
Type your opinions in the comments about the mission pack!


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