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Yet another "Quick Save Mod" request...


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Hello guys, 


i recently decided to 100% all the 2d gta, and i also decided having fun doing it. while 100%ing gta 1 is extremely hard and takes a lot of time if done "legitly", by using dosbox' quicksaves i can do that relatively quickly and hassle-free (without replaying the same 10 missions over and over because i keep failing the "speed" one...).


gta 2, on the other hand, has a save system (even though you need to farm a little in order to use it) and you can also retry failed story missions, but you can't replay kill frenzies (correct me if i'm wrong). there are way too many of them, with some of them being figuratively impossible.


so, in order of priority, i was wondering if there are mods/trainers that make it possible to:

1) quicksave/quickload a-la dosbox, or even something more rudimentary

2) have the ability to replay kill frenzies

3) save location and teleport to it

4) save for free at the church


sorry if this has been asked before, i found a couple of threads but they are very old and i didn't want to necrobump.

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. The widescreen fix also has a quick save hotkey. It would be nice to have a trainer that adds quick save without messing with the resolution but I don't think it exists yet. https://thirteenag.github.io/wfp#gta2

2. Replay kill frenzies doesn't exist but you can reload a save if you fail.

3. The registry patch https://gtamp.com/gta2/gta2-cheats/ can enable debug mode and give you a teleport option (numeric keypad required). It doesn't save locations. A teleport option is something I could add to GTA2 Radar.

4. No cheat or trainer supports free saving at the church but it would be easy to add. Not really needed if you have quick save or use a money cheat and if you are doing the missions, you will have plenty of money.



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>1. The widescreen fix also has a quick save hotkey. It would be nice to have a trainer that adds quick save without messing with the resolution but I don't think it exists yet. https://thirteenag.github.io/wfp#gta2


Thanks! that's almost exactly what i was looking for, and it also saves the player location which means i shouldn't need the teleport one. It doesn't save the car/peds/mission state (like quicksaves on dosbox) but i guess this is the best possible solution, unless you run gta 2 in vm

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