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GTA Advance Easter eggs from Game Boy Advance handheld console


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I-                 Glitsh City:

Finding the GTA Advance Easter egg using the method I accidentally found in the summer of 2013:

1)        Droppin’bombs level, Scorelli stage: being in the Droppin’bombs level and Scorelli mission.

2)        Scorelli 1st gang: killing Scorelli’s men.

3)        Scorelli’s car: finding Scorelli’s car and hide it somewhere Safe & Secure and get another one to drive to mislead gangs; it’s Scorelli’s car who define if the game keeps going (safe & saved car) or over (damaged car), because the gangs are chasing the player, not the car.


P.S: Sometimes, when the player gets in the Scorelli’s car for the very first time, the game freezes, which tells you that there already is something sketchy with that point of the game.


4)        Scorelli’s 2nd gang: DESTROYING THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE OF GANGS VEHICLES, but killing their drivers is optional, not killing them increases the chances to get the Easter egg without too much effort (only after destroying approximately 8 vehicles instead of 11 to 12), but it will not last for a long time like when killing them.

P.S 1: It’s advised to activate the cheat mode due to avoid gangs and cops following you from the chaos the destruction of 12 vehicles will cause.

Tip: To destroy 12 gangs vehicles easily and also avoid some instances where the game would freeze during the destruction process, it’s advised to tape the cheat code that makes the cops stars gauge full and try to not get killed by them until seeing a tank, then tape quickly –before getting killed- the code that makes cops stars vanishes to easily steal the tank to use against the Scorelli’s gangs.

P.S 3: When sometimes the 10th or 11th vehicle is destroyed, every single vehicle in the road disappears for a while: sometimes only gang’s vehicles who disappear, sometimes only normal ones, and sometimes all of them. After a while, everything comeback to its normal state.

Some of the GTA Easter egg city components: people with ghost character in the middle of the road that doesn’t move, invisible cars, box cars, shiny S.W.A.T vehicles, tanks, etc. And in rare cases a copy of the player that is indestructible by any of the game’s weapons, or even to find a red formula 1 car, it actually happened to me only once ever. Also, in many instances this journey ends upwith the game freezing, or even better: freezes at the same time emitting asound that has a futuristic cyberpunk vibe even after taking off the game’s cartridge, which happened to me only once and took a video of that, but don’t have it anymore.


II-              New Port Backwards Flying Car:

It’s a trick I’ve found again by accident between 2013 and 2014:

1.      Being in Shoreside city/part.

2.      Being in Newport.

3.      Finding a water jump platform next to boats stand.

4.      Coming very fast with a car to the jump set to jump in and collide with a building’s wall: If the jump was very well, the car could pass over the building in front of the water’s jump set; if not, it will collide with the building’s wall (which is what we want).

5.      After the car is collided with the building’s wall, going backwards will be enough to make the car flies!!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (added in Monday 15 February 2021 at 11:24 GMT+1): This dude explains the glitches that happen in GTA GlitshCity in detail, but it seems like he has other methods of accessing these glitches (perhaps separately (?)):  https://gtaforums.com/topic/190099-glitches/#replyForm


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