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20-50 FPS while playing GTA

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I've been trying to deal with this problem for months now with no success. One day I loaded up GTA and I was getting really bad FPS (I was getting 70-90 FPS usually) so I tried everything including setting GeForce experience to the recommended settings, turning off VSync, running on low and high graphics; pretty much everything there is to try. To this day I still have not found a solution to this problem, which sucks because I had just bought the new submarine wanted to do the heist. The problem must be with GTA or its optimization of my computer because I can get great FPS in other games (80 FPS in Rainbow Six Siege. 60 FPS in Fortnite.). Please let me know of anything that I can try to get GTA working again. 



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First welcome to the forums,

It would help if we knew the specs of your PC, and the settings you are trying to run please.

GTA 5 is a lot more resource heavy than games like Fortnight or Rainbow six,

For example maxed out at 1080p my laptop will run GTA5 at about 100fps average but it will run RSSiege at 200+, never tried fortnight but going by others benchmarks it will be the same story 200+fps. Those two titles are probably the easiest modernish games there are to run.


But a drop in performance is strange if you were getting 70 - 80 fps before and it suddenly dropped to 30 - 40? was this after a game update? Windows update? CPU/GPU/BIOS update?

Turn off advanced graphic's settings if they are not off already.

Check GPU drivers are up to date.

Make sure in      Nvidia control panel/Manage 3d settings/Program settings, that "GTA5 exe"  uses the High performance Nvidia processor.

With a better idea of your pc specs we should be able to find optimal settings for you.

Edited by MechanicMammal
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