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¿Is it some kind of cheat from the game itself?


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I am playing the OG Loc mission: House Party. Now when i go into the fast food store and leave it says I have a mission attempt. I went to get my haircut and new clothes, and nothing happened. I go to the house down in the Grove and it starts the House Party mission. (another mission attempt is added) After I kill the Ballas gang members it says mission complete. but it still leaves me with one attempt too many. ¿Does anyone have any idea about this? 

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5 hours ago, DabefoVercetti said:

Does anyone have any idea about this? 

Yeah, that's normal and happens to everyone. The game does a poor job of matching attempts to completions. You can never keep a 1 to 1 ratio; the best you can do is to keep the attempts low. Some missions are never marked completed, and some activities add an attempt for each try. Dumb stuff, like video games and pool, if I recall correctly. I suggest ignoring these broken stats.

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I think the same thing happens with King In Exile and Fish In A Barrel too but I'm way past that point in my current playthrough.

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Burglary and i believe a few other side-missions exhibit the same poor programming.


It's impossible to have a 1:1 ratio here, so i usually just ignore it anyway

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Also the Mountain Chilliad Challenge does that, 3 mission attempts and 1 mission passed, however you technically passed all of them.

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