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Biker gang


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I play GTA SA since the release date, I played on several platforms and this was the first and so far the only time this happened to me. Last year I was recording a gameplay on the PC from the first mission of the game until I saw something I had never seen before, it was a gang of bikers riding motorcycles on the road synchronized. As I said earlier, I’ve never seen this before in all these years. I always saw a biker selling drugs or a biker on the road but he was always alone and not in groups. Have you seen this in your game? Sorry if this is a common thing for you but I'm serious, it had never happened to me before.



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It happens, especially in freeways in Country areas (from my experience).


Freeways are the common spawns for groups, but i've regularly seen PCJ's and such.


I was able to get FCR gangs using replays (of FCRs) to force the game to load the contents of that replay in the game.

It is not consistent, but yes, biker gangs were also affected (their spawns being FCRs).



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I've only ever seen the FCR gang and that was in San Fierro. I've seen two of the expected bikers on Freeways riding alongside each other but I don't think that really counts. Seeing them spawn is always a treat though - I'll hardly ever pass up a chance to pinch an FCR-900. Such a good motorcycle.

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God, I love this game. Little rare occurrences like this make it feel so fresh. I've played through the game twice, both on my unmodified Greatest Hits disk. Once as a kid where I never saw them. And again just recently where I saw them in the SF mountain tunnel mere moments before I uncontrollably collided into them for a quad vehicular manslaughter. 

Edited by Flymystical-DJ
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Probably a leftover, it would have been cool if they were an actual gang. I saw them riding like that a lot of times. 

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I saw this very behavior yesterday during the "Cut Throat Business" mission. A long pack of Freeway Bikers while I was on the Kart.

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  • 1 month later...

Yes, it happens rarely to me, but it does. Usually in the countryside.



They usually ride in packs of 4, I think.

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