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Disconnection after cut scenes.

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In the last few days I’m getting disconnected  from the server after almost every cut scene or mission. For example after I finish a story mission or a resupply mission and I’m supposed to return to normal play the server kicks me off and I have to log into free roam again. Because of this I don’t get the gold and money I suppose to get for the missions, however I also can’t replay them because they are registered as played. It is really frustrating! Makes me want to stop playing the game. I’m playing on the PS4. We had a system update a few days ago and I wonder if that caused this problem. Does anybody have the same experience? Could you please fix it?

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 I was having this happen on Xbox One, much more than usual in the

last few weeks.


Then I made a discovery:


If I start the Moonshiner/Trader Delivery/Harriet Legendary mission 

and then go up to capture settings on the xbox one and hit "Record",

on the screen where they are talking to me, then the delivery/mission/thing

usually loads in milliseconds barely having a black screen and usually not

even a "loading revolver" graphic.


Yesterday I forgot to do that again, then hung with the black screen loading revolver.


It also seems to help at the end, such as when doing a "story mission" daily (or I just

leave "record" on for the whole thing, which works the same way.)


I'm not sure why "record" seems to make it far more tenacious about loading.

Maybe it prioritizes it, because of streams or people making captures.

Maybe it just makes the connection more "active" somehow and less likely to time out?


My post on the "videos" page, showing videos I made of this working;

the difference in speed of load time is like a billion, for me at least. Not

sure if it works in a similar way for other systems/or even Xbox S/X (I'm

just on regular old Xbox One. AH, you are on the PS4, no idea about that

and video captures.)




It stopped working, one day, then I noticed I had a ton of 2 minute videos I'd made

while doing that; after deleting all of those, It worked again.


It seems to work the best if I wait until it does that first "zoom in" thing and

then they start talking with the text at the bottom. Overall, I'd say it works

for fast loading about 95 percent of the time; without doing it, I hang about

90 percent of the time now.


As soon as I load, in the trader wagon/moonshine wagon, I again go

to captures in the Xbox menu and delete the file on "both"(xbox live and me)

so they don't pile up again. Then I'm off doing the delivery without issue (or 
I wait until the end of it to remember to delete/stop the video.)

Edited by Krommer
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