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Majesty Crew Recruiting GTA V Online Players (PC)


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We are a Korean crew of helpful players who are willing to help players with their heists and are willing to teach our tips and tricks to clear the heists with ease.


With the crew, we will help with all heists which includes Apartment Heists, Casino Heists, Doomsday Heists and Cayo Perico Heists. We will help players with Elite Challenges and Criminal Masterminds.

If you are unable to speak Korean fret not, we have a few members who will be translating instructions to you.

Basic requirements are:
Age: 21 years and up
Education: HighSchool Grad
Preferable to be able to speak at least 2 languages
All genders are welcome (Owner would like to have more females)


Advanced requirements are:
A screenshot of In-Game Stats
No usage of money glitches or mods or hacks

A discord with mic


Rules of the Crew:
Session kills are strictly forbidden


Crew Page:




To all who are interested feel free to reply and ask for the application form.

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On 6/4/2021 at 7:00 AM, RealCEEJ said:

Still recruiting?


Yes we are. However, we are currently looking for people who are able to converse in Korean.

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