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The contents of this forum will soon be moved to the Announcements forum, so you will still be able to submit slogans and banners!

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"At least you have a fine behind madam" - John Marston

"They tell me i'm at my sexual peak sweetheart" - Jack Marston

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"Softening life's harsh realities!"  -GTA III
"I got a better car than you!"  -GTA III
"Any time, any place!"  -GTA III
"No way Jose!"  -GTA III
"Stripe Summer!"  -GTA III
"Resistance is futile!"  -GTA III
"Please kill responsibly"  -GTA III
"Hey, look, but don't touch!"  -GTA III
"All your home defense needs"  -GTA III
"Been there, done that"  -GTA III
"Holy millennium dome!"  -GTA III
"Okay, okay, we make deal!"  -GTA III
"Me love you long time!"  -GTA III
"Yup, I've been drinking again"  -GTA III
"Hey, it's all about the honies!"  -GTA III
"Real nice in leopard skin"  -GTA III

"Think - Hold that thought - Complete"  -GTA VC
"Dickheads everywhere, yo!"  -GTA VC
"No funny bunny, honey!"  -GTA VC
"You got ID?"  -GTA VC
"I'll cry when I'm done killing!"  -GTA VC
"Does the Pope sh*t in the woods?"  -GTA SA

"Welcome to the jungle"  -GTA SA
"Peace and chicken grease"  -GTA SA

"I've got a date with a cheese deluxe!"  -GTA LCS
"My hairstyle is 60% grease"  -GTA LCS

"Hey there, pal! Hey!"  -GTA IV
"This day of misery has just begun!"  -GTA IV
"I blame video games!"  -GTA IV

"I really love bunnies!"  -Bully

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Posted (edited)

"Sending more people on Vacation than FlyUS"

Edited by eyman
Because many people have been sent on Short term vacations. AKA banned
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  • "Jalapeños are really tasty" 

-me, today

eating my spicy sub 


  • "Gluten-Free Gym Socks" 


-me again for no reason, about 4 years ago


Edited by Mikeol1987
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"Get over there and put your balls to the wall!"

- Couzin Ed to Lazlow in Vice City Stories.

Edited by Jason Frost
  • KEKW 1
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