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New GTAForums.com Slogans Contest!


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Slogans have been a part of our forums since we've revamped them and updated them to a fresh new version a few years ago. For the longest time we've had only a few, cycling every so often. Now, we have a much bigger selection, from GTA and RDR game quotes, to GTAForums jokes, to inside jokes, easter eggs and many other things! But we want MOAR! We once again enlist YOU to give us ideas for the slogans that appear in the banner at the top of the forums, they could be related to GTAForums in-jokes, to Rockstar community jokes and easter eggs, to anything you think is funny that comes to mind.

Just a few rules that should be very obvious to most and we expect you to cooperate with us on this, pretty please:

  • Avoid swearing. We censor part of it on the forums due to ads and page ranking, and we can censor swearing on the slogan, but perhaps be a bit more creative than just using swear words in a slogan;
  • No insults, that is to other forum members, to the community at large, or to Rockstar Games/Take-Two. Be civil and creative, don't use these slogans to let out your personal hate of a feature, game or company. Making jokes about stuff like Oppressors and using other harmless GTA Online memes is fine, as we do already have a "flying brooms" slogan for example, but don't make it about "griefing" and similar toxic subjects either, we want fun, not picking fights with these;
  • Please don't make them too long due to mobile users, the maximum size for a slogan would be something like the "All we had to do, was follow the damn train!" slogan we already have, that already looks pretty wide on a regular 16:9 phone screen in portrait mode;
  • The slogans cycle through a list every 20 minutes, don't be surprised if you don't see one of your selected slogans straight away on the forums, you may just be missing it.


Go wild!



EDIT: As per your requests, here's a list of the current slogans.


        "Brooms with rockets in the sky!", # GTA Online
        "You picked the wrong house, fool!", # GTA SA
        "Do you even read these?",
        "How big's gonna be? It's going to be huge!",
        "Jesus saves!", # GTA 2
        "RIP Benny Harvey",
        "It's comin' at ya!",
        "I guess it was the weather",
        "See you around. Like a donut, Carl!", # GTA SA
        "Show it to your boss!",
        "Scooter brothers!",
        "Slamman was here",
        "Have you seen... Gavin?",
        "That's it! Nowhere to escape now!",
        "Home of the Rainbomizer!",
        "Scottish tap water!",
        "Birthplace of realistic steak",
        "I smell sh*te",
        "Mendoza's been hit!", # GTA V
        "Sometimes I miss the sunlight",
	"Logging out is optional",
        "Next stop: Lincoln",
        "Quality assured!",
        "I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS!", # Life is Strange Easter egg
        "Who's that Pokemon?!",
        "You're a good kid, Franklin", # GTA V
        "Social distancing guaranteed",
        "Paranoia is good",
        "Davey!", # GTA V
        "Ah, you're Trevor's creepy friend", # GTA V
        "Next stop: Toronto",
        "Beware of the Green Sabre",
        "Can't stop The Beast", # GTA Online
        "Niko! My cousin!", # GTA IV
        "LAMAR LOVES YOU!",
        "Hey Cousin!", # GTA IV
        "Blobby blobby blobby",
        "You're the mang, mang!",
        "Don't let your boss hear you post!",
        "My mother’s my sister", # GTA III
        "Work ya damn nag!",
        "Approved by The Big Man",
        "2405? What does it mean?!",
        "We're more ghosts than people", # RDR2
        "Chiliad Mystery? Aliens?!",
        "Hello, you're on Chatterbox", # GTA III
        "Wowser!", # Life is Strange Easter egg
        "Wasting bandwidth since 2001",
        "Run hamsters, run!",
        "Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah!", # Life is Strange easter egg
        "Cyclop have 9 years",
        "Lost? So are we!",
        "Love Fist waits for no one!",
        "Hey, let's bounce", # GTA V
        "That's no a' bank machine, it's a fence",
        "Who's the old balcony guy?", # GTA V pre-release
        "Deep-fried Mars Bars",
        "She's turned the weans against us!",
        "Now with added vitamins",
        "Next stop: Bogota",
        "Nazar bids you farewell", # RDR2
        "X gon' give it to ya!",
        "I WILL EAT YOU!", # GTA V
        "Me, I'm not rational",
        "Did somebody say yoga?",
        "Spooney wooney woo woo woooo!", # GTA VC
        "Naw, oh no, I cannae dae it!",
	"Why did I move here?", # GTA V
        "Nope, this slogan isn't new",
        "Oh, it's my creepy silent friend!", # GTA V
        "Don't step on the hamster!",
        "Productivity personified", # GTA V
	"We're going to Aruba!", # GTA III
        "And remember, respect is everything!", # GTA 2
        "Dispatch, he's got a minigun!", # GTA V
        "Hey, I can see my house from here!", # GTA SA
        "YELLOW CAAAAR!",
        "Next stop: New York",
        "Perhaps here things will be different", # GTA IV
        "Next stop: San Diego",
        "Let’s go bowling!",
        "Next stop: Andover",
        "And people say I'm a disgrace to society?", # GTA V
        "Wear protection!",
        "Next stop: London",
        "Just ignore the bodies",
        "Killing your productivity",
        "Proof or ban!",
        "There goes my burrito!", # GTA SA
        "Ctrl+W for free shark cards",
        "You're Breathtaking!", # Keanu Reeves thing during E3
        "Don't be a fanny",
        "Beware of the fox!",
        "Join Date > Post Count",
        "Wtf is a Gerald?",
        "Yer aff yer heid!",
        "Hella amazing!",
        "Next stop: Edinburgh",
        "Wear a mask!",
        "What a stauner",
        "Next stop: Leeds",
        "Naw it isnae!",
        "Where's the blue?",
        "Geez ma stick ya prick!",
        "Who the F is Berkley?!", # GTA SA
        "Whit a festy cock!",
        "Birthday caird pish!",
        "Next stop: Dundee",
        "Ma heid’s mince...",
        "Nae snowballs?",
        "Rent boy or sick boy?",
        "Hey, whatever happened to Love Fist?", # GTA SA
	"All we had to do was follow the damn train!", # GTA SA
        "Something's behind that armoured door!",
        "The house you have chosen is not right!", # GTA SA meme reference
        "We serve the hottest coffee",
        "Ya daft old poke nose bun",
        "It's time for the Lance Vance dance!", # GTA VC
        "I think someone's buzzing",
        "Stroking your ego, one post at a time",
        "Needs no plucking",
        "Elvis has left the building!",
        "Please, do not walk on the grass" # GTA III



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Is there a current, up to date, list of slogans? So we don't post repeats, etc?



🌴                    🌴                    🌴                     🌴                    🌴                    🌴 

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2 minutes ago, Len Lfc said:

Is there a current, up to date, list of slogans? So we don't post repeats, etc?

Edited OP!


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away 

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"You sir, are a fish!"

"Does this trolley go to Tahiti?"

"It's alright, just thank your uncle Dutch"

- Arthur 

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Omg they unpinned tweet!111

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Okay, I got these for now:


  • So Now What? - Trevor
  • Why Did I Move Here? - Michael
  • Los Santos It's Over! Next Stop...
  • I Should Go - Mass Effect Easter Egg
  • Think of a Yellow Rubber Duck
  • Think of a Pink Golf Ball
  • Yee!
  • Proudly Fed a Diet of Fast Food and Cheap Guns
  • Where Lunatics Prosper
  • Where Your Car Is All Our Car
  • A Great Place To Leave
  • Where Dreams Are Broken
  • Visit At Your Own Risk
  • Where The Only Dirty Word Is Hope
  • Dumb. Florida. Moron.
  • You Ain't Forgotten About Us, Have You Boy?
  • Proof or Ban - Shoutout to @RedDagger
  • Genesis
  • Push It To the Limit!
  • This Is The Mansion!?
  • You Gotta' Love Yourself A Fire
  • Fist Till Morning
  • Have You Found The Blue yet?
  • I Wish I Had Acquired Wisdom At Less Of A Price
  • You Sir, Are a Fish!
  • Have Some faith!
  • Well, Ain't This A Rare Treat?
  • Hmmmm...Nice Bike
  • Chevy Chase - Whenever you typed "deepthroatgta4" during 'Genesis' it would change it to "Chevy Chase"
  • Ready. Load "Vice City". Press Play On Tape
  • Home of GTAForum Thread Simulators
  • Top Fun!
  • 'Soon'
  • Hotty Hotty Hot Dogs - GTA IV Hot Dog Vendor
  • whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com
  • You Weren't Supposed to Be Able to Get Here You Know
  • Beware of Swingsets
  • GET SPRUNK'D! - Any Fans of Achievement Hunter GTA Let's Plays will understand
Edited by Len Lfc



🌴                    🌴                    🌴                     🌴                    🌴                    🌴 

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In a few weeks or so™

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Shut up, sit down, Relax.

Nice Ass Baby!

my fav from the V pre days

-Get ready, it’s coming.

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Jezus Holy Christ

Everybody is my cousin.

Tell me why I didn't finish high school.

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"should I put KD ratio on my résumé?”


-Jimmy De Santa

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  • Nice Bike! - Tommy 
  • Die Workin Like a Dog 
  • Coh-myoo-nee-kay-shun -Carl
  • The world is yours 
  • Hey Slick It's me -Devin
  • gtanet with two t's 
  • Next Stop: Bangalore 
  • I said something nice , not expensive - Trevor 
  • Drink Sprunk Everyday
  • Trunk You! - GTA IV 
  • Get Flowing again  -GTAV
  • That's a hell of a ride -GTAV
  • Same thing makes us laughs , makes us cry - Big Smoke 
  • Cluck, cluck, how can I serve you?
  • Cock-a-doodle-cluck. Welcome.
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"Become an announcement" - a reference and inside joke that was born last year in the GTA 6 Speculation thread

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"Mostly Mk II Free!"

"Twenty one gold bars??"

"Guaranteed no iron bushes!"

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