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GTANet Turns 20 Years Old! Share Your Memories!

Recommended Posts

For lots of reasons I was/am internet anti-social.  In the early 2000s I wound up getting involved in a machinima community with a seriously active "forum".  It was my introduction to a community forum.


It was fun but it was a bit too young...and polite.


GTA IV was being released... I needed to track the PC release.  I ended up here and since I had a good footing in how community forums operated I poked around and enjoyed the "edge" this place had, so I created an account.


I'm only class of '07 but even that means I've been here for 14 years.  Crazy to think how long people hang around here.


With all the changes around the internet over the past handful of years it is nice to see this "community" still doing the community thing.




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I joined the forum a bit late lol, but I was 13 and I had just found out about it. I joined it three days before I bought my copy of GTA 5 for the PS3 and was looking around, wondering what people thought of the game. I was amazed as GTA has always been my favorite game series, and I have played all of them. So, having a place on the internet where I could discuss some of my favorite games seemed like a dream come true. Although, it wasn't just sticking around for the games, as the community on this forum is awesome. I have met some truly amazing people on here over the years, and with some of them I still talk every day, and some I have even met in real life.


Here's to twenty more. :yee:💯



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Shoutout to the staff team for their dedication and countless hours poured into this site! I was literally 11 years old when I made my first account and now I’m   an adult at 21 -- that is what blows my mind the most 🤣 There are so many memories I’ve had on here from mindless trolling to making new friends and even contributing like a try-hard back in the day, these medals weren’t won overnight.

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It's one of the best forums around. Even before signing up I had spent many years lurking. The community here is great, especially the modding community and all the work that has been put in to PC patches and fixes for the old GTA games. 


Congratulations to you guys on 20 years. I hope old school forums like this stick around for many more years, much better than Reddit and Social Media. 

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Came here in 2013 to ask a question haven’t left since even @Voodoo couldn’t keep me away for more than three days after winning Ban Roulette but hey I got a shiny medal out of it

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We should all collectively thank ourselves for helping to create such a unique community while at the same time holding ourselves accountable. I'm both proud and ashamed of all of you! Seriously though, I can't name another site that I've logged into daily since first joining. GTAF is something special. It's provided years of entertainment, information and delicious drama. I love all of you.

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Happy 20th Birthday GTANet!


I've been using these forums on and off since a little before GTA IV's release, and gta4.net was a website I had to check daily.

Can't remember my first username, but I was never a big poster so that's probably why.


The strongest memory I have of this place—can't remember the time specifically (around GTA V release???)—was when Slamman returned, and one of the staff put an icon made of his face against every user's name. Wild. Every time I think of that it gets a laugh out of me.

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8 minutes ago, nob said:

Happy 20th Birthday GTANet!


I've been using these forums on and off since a little before GTA IV's release, and gta4.net was a website I had to check daily.

Can't remember my first username, but I was never a big poster so that's probably why.


The strongest memory I have of this place—can't remember the time specifically (around GTA V release???)—was when Slamman returned, and one of the staff put an icon made of his face against every user's name. Wild. Every time I think of that it gets a laugh out of me.

Haha! That and everyone was called something -mman if I remember correctly. I will definitely try and look into the catacombs of the GTANet server to see if there's pics of that.

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Haha, yeah, that was it! I definitely have screenshots, but they're on an old hard drive I can't access right now.

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Many happy returns! 


I remember finding this place (probably through Altavista - ask your grandparents) a few months after I got GTA3 on PC, and making an account to delve into the murky realms of vehicle modding. 

I never made anything that worked, so didn't chase it up.


Roll on through VC, SA and GTA4... and I think I reappeared once GTA5 crawled onto PC. 

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Very cool. I remember joining originally right after the VC release, searching for mission tips. And then again after the IV.

Hats off to the staff for keeping up, happy birthday!

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Honestly, I remember coming here around 2007 ish? I got the Internet on June 9th 2006 (I remember, because it was the day the World Cup started, and I came home from school overly excited lol) and I kinda' stuck to GameFAQ's, mostly. I enjoyed having all game forums under one website/account. But I'd also search for GTA a lot, so I found this place and checked it out a lot, but never signed up. Until February 2011, when the first GTA V leaks happened. I was so excited that I just had to join in (I can still remember that night. It was a Sunday night, and I signed up, then went for a shower, came back and kept on reading lol). My best memories were from the GTA V pre-release period. Photoshop contests, mapping Los Santos, and even the great info drought of 2012. Horrible at the time, but great looking back on.

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Nearly 17 years later and there isn't another website I still think about most weeks, even if I don't log in much anymore.  I spent too much time here instead of socialising over that time, but I don't totally regret it. 


My biggest memories are mostly in the San Andreas section in the years after its release. Specifically the SA videos/short films thread. I loved seeing the stories people were able to come up with within the limitations of the game; the fun stunt challenges people competed in; the full blown multi episode serials being produced, and just the crazy wackiness others were getting up to whilst recording themselves playing. I even contributed a few videos myself. 


Voodoo[slumlord], Mxyzptlk, MI7, TenaciousD, Ottae, Rob, Kingjad... Just some of the great contributers to that thread that made it so memorable. Other names are on the tip of my tongue but I can't quite recall them. 


The great thing is I work in TV/Film now, so that thread, and this place in general, really helped me find me and what I was passionate about in life.

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Even though I've only been here for ~5 years and is considered small fish in the old farts here (ahem, @Hazzardtohimself, @Voodoo, @Spider-Vice...:lol:), but I have cheerished everything I ever got to experience here, the goods and bads, and it has shaped me as a person. Joining the Forums massively increased my knowledge on all GTA titles, and I can only thank the countless of people who spent their free time discussing the topics. I have read many, many, many submissions and comments here, and while I haven't been able to list them all here, I will like to thank them all; reading them, whether if they were good or bad, has been priviledge in on itself, at least it has been for me.



If I had to tell a single memory that I'll take to my grave, it has to be the crazy amount of fantastic Friends I've Made Along the Way™. What an absolute blast I've had with them in GTA and in other games. I'll never forget the Dune Racing @WildBrick142, @Natsuki, @Amy Vinewood, @iKarimster and I did back when we discovered it could be owned.

Speedy bricks.


Thank you for the memories everyone!


I look forward to the future, both for myself, but also for the Forums!



edit2: also thank you @Kirsty for changing my name from CIassique to Classique back then, I've always cheerished that :)

Edited by Classique
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I joined in 2014 under the name The7thOne when I was just a wee 11 year old, angry at how passive mode in GTA Online was "broken", with all the other cringey stuff that entailed. I'm now 18 and a young woman. It took me a few months to get used to things and clean up my posting etiquette act, but I eventually settled in and have enjoyed my time here ever since. From V PC to the Liberty City fake leaks to RDR2 PC, it's been a blast. I've met a lot of great people that I'm proud to call my friends, some I even consider my best friends. I've essentially grown up with the forums - GTAF has been here for me when I was going through major life changes and hard times, and I'm glad to see it still going strong. Happy 20th! :beerhat:

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Congrats all!

I remember uploading some DBZ character replacements i 'made' for gta3 near the end of 2001 or start of 2002 (really just open the claude model in zmodeller and f- with its vertices, then make skin for it to match) but never really got involved in the forums until many many years later when i forgot my account and was stuck with a question for gta4 modding (if i even had one? if i did back in 2001 i was "tha_oli" lol)

Edited by suicidal_banana
had flashback to my old nickname
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What a journey it has been, happy birthday to us!


I first popped in after GTA IV released and then disappeared, then found my way back here to speculate about those GTA V domains found in the early days before it was announced. Somehow found my way on to staff along the way, and the rest is now history, as they say. We've had a lot of drama and ups and downs over the years, I'm sure we have a terrible reputation to some outsiders and I feel ancient compared to our GTAO memberbase! but I'll always be grateful for having a place here, for being able to contribute as staff, and for finding some great online friends; there's no place like GTAF in the Rockstar Community. 


Thanks to Tank and the OG admins for creating and maintaining this place in the beginning, to Rockstar for always supporting us, and to all of you for sticking around, whether to lurk or spam, we appreciate it! ❤️ 

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Amazing. I think this is my 7th or 6th year as a member.


This is a special goddamn place to me. Met a few of the most important folks in my life here.


Cheers, folks!



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I made my account a year after the first RDR then went without a stable internet connection (might aswell of been dial-up), then start lurking around the time of the RDR2 speculation...aaaaand then inactive again during that god awful drought. it was on and off my time here.


So around late 2017 - 2018. It's gotta be said, the time of speculation for a R* game on GTAF is something special and are 100% memories that will stick around for good! 

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Uncle Sikee Atric

If you had told me in 2014, I'd be helping to Staff after I joined, I'd be laughing at you....

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Through my 5 (going on 6) years on the forums

It's been an Honor to be on here, still is


From Random "Create your Own x for GTA" topic posts
To making mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Life's been good to GTAForums so far

(Yes, i made a "Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good to Me" pun, deal with it)

Let's let the good times roll on further & crack open a 12 case of FunCola in celebration, shall we?




And on That note, we cue the music!


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Happy birthday GTAF, I can't believe its been 20 years! Man, how time flies. I still remember visiting the main site for the 3d-era news & maps. Here's to all the friends we've made Along the Way™ (Yes, shamelessly copy-pasta @Classique because I drawing blanks lol) & the countless hours of fun, drama, hypetrains, derailments & knowledge we got throughout the years. And here's to the Grand Theft Auto franchise that brought us all together in this wild roller coaster. 


Shout to @Tank, the staff & moderators for creating & maintaining this community for whole 20 years ... forums come & go, but GTAF stays eternal.



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I joined the forum back in July 2012 but I was lurking here since 2007 when this topic was started.



Over these 14 years a lot of things have changed in gaming industry but this place always felt familiar, it's like a family house of GTA fans, that you're always glad to visit. What's also worth to mention is, that during last 20 years this place has witnessed a lot of drama and excitement and then again drama but history of this forum shows, that every cloud has a silver lining.


Thank you to members and staff of course for all your input, that makes this forum unique and especially staff for their dedication and countless of hours poured into this place to make this place what it is, home for fans of games made by Rockstar.


Thanks to Tank and OG admins for creating this place and maintaining it in early days and to Rockstar Games for supporting this community for all these years.


Happy 20th and here's to twenty more!



Edited by Kris194
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Wow, a lot of old timers here, shame that I miss some names from GTAO section that will never be here anymore.


I'm not as old timer as some who have posted here and I'm not a big contributor either, but GTAF is the place that I've enjoyed even when all the games felt boring. Cheers and it's a pleasure to be with you and I hope that VI will get us even more reasons to be together.


I've started lurking the forum around 2012 or so, before V got released and I'm a lifetime GTA fan, played everything but the mobile versions. Well, I've technically tried playing them via the emulator on PC but the controls are so hideous that I'd rather do a hundred sit-ups, lol. Looking back, I've missed a lot of action back before V release time, but I have enjoyed quality time with hype trains, riddles and other stuff mostly in Online section.


Somehow, despite that I was active mostly during V/Online era, the most memorable game for me is IV and seeing the dudes dancing in @Legomanarthur post brings me back in my easier years.

Edited by Geisterfaust
Mobile format and autocorrection borked the post
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Happy birthday!


I can't exactly remember how I discovered this forum, apart from the fact that I'm a GTA fan, obviously, but I've been lurking on here for more than ten years now until I finally decided to create an account in 2012. GTAForums has literally become one of the few websites I check multiple times on a daily basis whenever I go on the internet. To think I've been checking this website pretty much every day for that amount of time is quite impressive now that I think about it, time flies. It's definitely my go-to website for any GTA/Rockstar-related content, whether it be mods, news or speculation threads, or any type of discussion about my favorite games. For that, I thank everybody involved for making GTAForums such a great place to hang out and keeping it that way.


Let's dance!


Gta Dance GIF - Gta Dance Smooth GIFs
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I wish I had as many memories as some of you guys have here. Sadly for the past decade I've mostly been a lurker. I mean 5 years before I even posted a comment that's insane. Perhaps I posted something before but it got deleted I can't remember. I've been more active since GTA V's release. The little of the community I know here has been amazing so far.

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Happy Birthday GTA Forums!


Home of only the best games ever made!


I didn't become a member too long ago, but I did used to visit this place during Vice City Stories release. :karmaeater:

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Lemoyne outlaw

that is awesome. happy birthday. like a lot of members i was a lurker. then when gta 5 got announced i came here multiple times a day to see if any new info came out or what people were talking about. eventually i decided i wanted to join the conversations so i joined. although i feel like my original username made people not like me much. it was confederatestatesgta. i thought it was cool because back then i was really into civil war history especially confederates. (im not racist btw.) and i love gta. i even had a confederate flag as my picture. and people were so pissed at that. and this was before the whole confederate controversy started. like when they wanted to tear down monuments. so it was not until after rdr2 came out that i changed my name.


moving on from that i do like this forum. i like to look at some of my old posts from the first few years of being here. and some of them make me laugh at how dumb they were. i remember i got into arguments just like many people here. there are some cool people here. i have played with some members before. but sadly im not friends with them anymore. i have also encountered many idiots and jerks on here. even some of the staff upset me. although i dont hold any grudges. this has been a roller coaster of an experience. and i loved being on this forum when a new rockstar game was announced and being marketed. that gta 5 and rdr2 hype on here was amazing. and it really helped those long painful info droughts. shoutout to the screenshot fun threads for gta 5 and rdr2. even when a new dlc has been announced its fun to see what people are talking about.


overall this is a good forum. and its always fun to check out. i usually like to visit once per day. but if there is something going on with rockstar then im on here a lot more. i look forward to the many more years of this forum. and especially the hype for gta 6 or bully 2 or even more rockstar games.

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