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[IV/EFLC]SCO Scripting Tutorial


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Hello everyone, I'm here again with new stuff.

Here I'm gonna provide a small tutorial on SCO Scripting for Grand Theft Auto IV/EFLC.


Download Scocl or SC-CL

What's the difference between these two?

Both are high level compiler and SCOCL is only for GTA IV and SC-CL is for all RAGE based games.



Visual Studio Community 2019 (If you can't purchase others- BTW this is good private use).




A bit of C/C++ Knowledge (or at least you know Java syntax as syntax of both languages are same up to some extent)

A working Game with Patch 7 or 8 installed 

Open IV 


And Patch 7 exe also so that SCOToolBox will work- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/797682129089069056/831763211421876234/GTAIV_v1.0.7.0_EXE.zip


Tutorial Starts here:


1. Download "Visual Studio Community 2019" as it's free for all, just sign in/up for this so that it will be activated.






2. Download "CodeEditor and Develop Apps With C++/C" plugins or tools whatever it is called





3. Download one of the Compilers-either SC-CL or SCOCL.



4. After this load up those example projects-Only the zombiemod.sln


And retarget the project




5. Let's make a SCO loader for GTA IV/EFLC.

a. Open SCO ToolBox 






b. Then OpenIV and Select Grand Theft Auto IV and head over to "common/data/cdimages" and extract the initial.sco to desktop or where you wanna keep it safe.





c. Now press Browse button in ToolBox and head to your initial.sco location. And press the button after browse. 






d. Now press Native mode to and open Advanced Code editor.



e. Copy line  31 and 32


and paste it after line you copied.

f. Now copy 'PushString "ambcontrolloader" ' till 'Or' and paste the line below the copied line.


--Rename the copied lines to your choice and must be same as your sco script name.


g. Now copy the line after Label6: till 'Pop' before addonlaunch line.

And paste it below the copied line.

Don't forget to replace 512 to 1024 as it is script stamp. 




h. Save script as encoded.


 And then import it into your scripts.img (game folder/common/data/cdimages/scripts.img).


Here we did the sco loader stuff.

Now back to coding in Visual Studio Community 2019.


6. You have loaded your zombiemod project by hovering IV.Scocl/projects/zombmod/zombmod.sln


7. Open one of the projects - puzzle or main (it's up to you).  And open the .c file 


8. Let's edit the code.




Here are 3 examples of created SCO scripts- maximum stuff I've commented so that you all can better understand : https://github.com/its-SG/Police-Enhancement/tree/main/SCO


Compile it and rename to whatever name you want just keep in mind that sco script name and name mentioned in initial.sco should be same.


After that import into Open IV.


Then open your game-








FIB using custom gun other than M4A1 



Soooo many helicopters.



Don't forget to backup your saves as every time you edit or add scripts you need to delete your saves.


Thanks 😊


Edit: If you are using SC-CL then everything is same except "GetPlayerPed()" needs to be replaced with "PED_PLAYER" and SC-CL uses PED_, VEHICLE_, OBJECT_ for Peds, Vehicles and Objects whereas Scocl uses MODEL_


May be I'll add more stuffs here.


Protip- Never use "WARP_CHAR_INTO_VEHICLE_AS_****" use "TASK_WARP_CHAR_INTO_VEHICLE_AS*" as Warp does character to leave vehicle when they are warped but task_warp doesn't.


More updates here: https://discord.gg/Qu5H4bRPMs


Edited by BOSSSSS-GG
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