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GTA IV: TLAD multiplayer (XBOX LIVE) 2021

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(sh*t, "Lost and Dammed" pretty much sums it up both literally and metaphorically lol). What's crackin' everyone, not sure how much people check out TLAD forum nowadays as I'm new to gtaforums. But I've noticed over the last decade, wether it's comments on YouTube as well on gtaforums, regarding about The Lost and Dammed MP on PS3 or Xbox 360 or in general for that matter, is that fans have always had difficulty trying to find player's on competitive and cooperative match modes. Even if you check out the GameSpot review for TLAD MP on YouTube, the dude reviewing the game said he was having difficulties finding lobby's on certain match modes, and that was posted in FEB 2009, about a week or two after the game's release lol. Which I think is a shame considering how much TLAD MP has to offer, from Its Club Business CO-OP, that can have up to 8 player's and are set with various objectives to complete around Alderney, from defending the road captain and holding out against a 6 star wanted level, or the Angels of Death MC. To hitting and robbing payroll vans, assisting NPC Lost MC members that have been jumped by a rival gang which has then escalated into a  vicious shootout at a strip club, The list goes on. Witness Protection, IMO is like an overhauled version of GTA IV's cops n crooks mode. Chopper Vs Chopper, Lone Wolf Biker, there all great modes that nobody really seemed to play that much, or maybe not even knew about. As I myself never really got into GTA IV multiplayer until TBOGT was released, as DM/TDM had been improved with the addition of kill streak rewards, and that locations where set to specific areas, like the Museum where the diamond exchange went down, or the abandoned Sprunk factory, The Beach boardwalk in broker etc as opposed to fighting in the whole of Broker, Algonquin, Bohan etc, not to mention that races featured nitrous oxide and free mode has extended altitude, base jumping, and exclusive vehicles like the police stinger and bike. Now to say TLAD is underated or overated is a debate amongst us fans, but it's safe to say It's multiplayer is certainly underrated, and on Xbox Live has got  somewhat of an underground status considering that after all this time the Leaderboards are still pretty much intact with Legit scores for the most part. Wether as the leaderboards for GTA IV and TBOGT have been pretty much  hacked/modded/glitched etc. Now as of now I'm currently playing TLAD Multiplayer on Xbox Live with a few others both ranked and player matches, and there's a couple more players that drop in now and again, but the obstacle in our way is that we're not all on at the same time due different time zones etc. or that some of us have TLAD as DLC and some have TLAD through the EFLC disc, which unfortunately are not compatible with each other online. So when we do get a good game going some of us are missing out, or when we're all on together at the same time there's potential for a great game, but the barriers been placed due to the whole DLC/EFLC problem. I personally own both TLAD DLC & EFLC so can I join either community. And with this we've made a  club on Xbox Live called GRAND THEFT AUTO TLAD, which had started 3 weeks ago, and we've managed to get at least 40+ members so far, which isn't bad, but the problem is, is trying to get players actually involved. That's why I've came to gtaforums, so if there's any noise I can make that could possibly be herd, it'll be actual grand theft auto IV fans listening. So yeah, the bottom line is, if there's any grand theft auto IV fans that are interested and would like to play The Lost and Dammed multiplayer in 2021 on Xbox Live, then so do we! if you're on Xbox one or Xbox series X/S feel free to check out our club GRAND THEFT AUTO TLAD, or If your on Xbox 360, Xbox one, or Xbox series X/S, feel free to send a me a message, my Xbox Live GT is autotheft101, and we can organise some fun multiplayer games. We play all TLAD game modes ranked and player with whatever multiplayer set preferences. The Ideal players we're looking to game with are those that are familiar with GTA IV multiplayer, and that are also cool and open minded enough to acknowledge that it's and old game, and it's all just for fun, so players not taken a win or a loss too seriously and that respect both the player and the game, and show sportsmanship for the love of GTA IV multiplayer, as well as for old times sake. Despite being dead from a fans prospective, Liberty City on Xbox Live is still pretty much breathing after numerous updates over the years and still functions the same from when it was released in addition to be able to be  played across 3 generations of Xbox! So yeah If your on Xbox Live, Hit us up. Peace.

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11 hours ago, autotheft101 said:

As I myself never really got into GTA IV multiplayer until TBOGT was released, as DM/TDM had been improved

You call it improved, I call it downgraded :pp It took the Auto aspect out of Grand Theft Auto by focusing it on small closed down areas. Don't get me started on the Race mode.


Yeah, TLAD MP is definitely underrated. Sadly barely anyone on this forum gives a damn about IV's Multiplayer in general. I'd join but I'm on PC.

Edited by B Dawg
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Posted (edited)

Yeah one of the friends I'm playing TLAD multiplayer with on Xbox, who also plays TLAD multiplayer on PC, suggested that I should get a PC and sent me some links on YouTube to check out, Yellow Briefs, Internet Rob. And looking into it, it seems that there's a pretty cool and dedicated multiplayer community for GTA IV MP on PC, so I'll have to get a PC at some point for sure. But other than that, the offer is out there for anyone interested in playing TLAD multiplayer on Xbox Live, we're all cool and clean players. So just hit me up on this forum or Xbox Live.

Edited by autotheft101
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