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[XB1] The New Revolution security contractors are now recruiting!

R3VO Warhammer

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R3VO Warhammer





“Blood money is still money, isn’t it?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - R3VO


Mission Statement


The New Revolution is a security networking group based in Los Santos that aims to keep it a safe place for everyone, one lobby at a time. Our goal is to make sure everyone has even ground to stand on if they are being harassed. Whether we are protecting our clients and their assets, hunting down targets and rivals, or helping others grow, we at The New Revolution will make it our priority to always complete jobs with the utmost efficiency. We have provided services to a number of communities over the years, and have a long standing commitment to the quality of our work.


About Us


Established in 2014, we at The New Revolution have put together a small but elite crew of some of the best operators around that not only takes care of our own, but anyone we sign on and work with. We understand that to some people being in a free-mode lobby can be a dangerous venture. At R3VO, we constantly train our operators on how to effectively use up-to-date tactics for self-defense and crew operations. Our group is well versed, and thoroughly experienced in their select fields, as well as many different types of communities. Through many crew battles and challenges over the course of 7 years, we have persevered through the best and the worst the world of GTA has offered to us. 




We at The New Revolution offer a variety of services and tailor each contract to that client's specifications so that no two are alike.  In order to remain accessible to all clients, rich and poor, our services work on a tier-based system. Once a tier is purchased clients only need to pay the difference to access the next one. 


Tier 1: Grants access to private client status. Meant for very small communities or solo players. Price 2mil


Tier 2: Grants access to general security for communities, as well as assistance with networking and other activities. Price 4mil


Tier 3: We call this one the “full weapon wheel”. This package grants access to everything R3VO has to offer, including any number of personnel, vehicles, tactics and mediary services. Price 6-8mil


The New Revolution gives all of their clients three guarantees:


  1. Client Privacy: For your security, client's communities will not be discussed with any of our other clients or allied groups. This also ensures there will be no competition or "buy outs" by rival communities. Once we are signed on, we are loyal to those we work for.


  1. Quality assurance: Your community is guaranteed that any job will be completed not only to your standards, but above and beyond that to ensure client satisfaction. 


  1. Termination of service: Every community that signs on with The New Revolution can terminate services at any time, for any reason.




Reaper - Reaper team is the frontline ground team. This team uses CQC skills and RnG tactics to separate our enemy, flank any aggressors and eliminate targets. Reaper team members are expected to become inseparable from their rifles and Combat MG’s. Each member of this team is trained to be proficient in most if not all types of ground combat, and especially deadly within close to mid-range combat. 


Marauder - The Marauder team is many things - fighters, bombers, transporters, and all around air squadron. Although it is the smallest team in The New Revolution, Marauder remains to be one of the most effective assets in our arsenal.  While utilizing cannons for air to air combat, air to ground strafing, and constant missiles with superior maneuvering, the planes we expect our pilots to master are the P996 Lazer and the B-11 Strikeforce.


Warhammer - This is the armored ‘bruise ‘em up’ multi-purpose vehicular support team. They transport operations, as well as anti-vehicle support. All battles and warfare will take place mainly from a TM-02 Khanjali.  Each member is expected to command their own armored vehicle in a convoy or column. Communication, patience and situational awareness are the three main components of being a successful tanker. 


Raven - Raven team is a recon team that is directly responsible for disrupting the enemy on the battlefield, by any means necessary, as much as possible. With the use of RC vehicles and long range sniping tactics to support teammates, a successful Raven team member relies heavily on both of their sniper rifles, and both of their RC vehicles.


Meet Our Admins


Team Leaders

Robotman117 - Reaper

NotTuccsAlt - Warhammer

Shuya Maitake - Raven



Sweeneyboy73733 - Reaper

Stk x Legendary - Warhammer

Ares lz - Raven

Navelhedgehog - Marauder

xD3m0nDaddyx - Marauder




Our personnel focus is quality over quantity both on and off the battlefield. One of the main qualities we look for in our operators is reliability. We understand real life commitments always come first, however, outright inactivity is not accepted. 


Once a potential recruit becomes a full member of the crew they will benefit from being a part of a real brotherhood.  Once you are admitted you will train to become an effective combatant in the field of the team that you have joined.  This means that you will fight alongside effective, trustworthy, and most importantly, reliable crew mates. No man is ever left to fend for themselves in the thick of battle.


R3VO is currently looking for members to join our brotherhood of security professionals.  When it comes to recruitment we generally look for a healthy balance of skill, and more importantly attitude.  All potential recruits need to download the BAND app for crew communications as far as events, and crew-wide notices (see bottom of page for group link once you have downloaded the app). This is the most basic requirement we will ask of you.


  • A successful recruit starting out in R3VO will look to be active for a minimum of one day every two-weeks with the crew. This is an extremely variable requirement and varies on a case to case basis.

  • We do not tolerate crew killing and most arguments will typically be settled with “street justice”.

  • Recruits will need to organize their crew spec vehicles, as well as their respective team-spec’d vehicles. If you do not own the vehicles needed then we will help you earn that vehicle.


If you’re looking to join a crew, or a better crew, please provide us with the following information:



Social Club:

Desired Team (Air/Ground/Sniper/Armored): 


GTA Rank:

Previous Crews:


Band Group Link

Crew Social Club Link

Edited by R3VO Warhammer
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This is a nice crew. A good ally to the Shrek Bois MC. 15/10 would recommend to anybody searching these forums looking for a crew.


- Shrek

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