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Examining Vice city in order to predict activities-missions

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We are not getting the announcement anytime soon so i thought it would be a good idea for us to examine the area of Miami and maybe predict a couple of activities.


I remember doing the same with V (not in this forum though) and getting a couple of those predictions right.

The reason i picked Vice City in particular was the fact that most leaks point to that particular location. 


Mind you this is not a wishlist topic. 

Some people might live in the area so maybe they could have better luck with these predictions.


Let's just try to predict stuff and when the game comes out let's see who nailed it!


Anyway i will start:


- Surfing as a minigame.

- Beach patrol side missions- stranger missions.

- Hurricanes and wind mechanics.

- Enterable mall area with stores.

- Crocodile hunting/ hunting will definitely be a part of the game.

- Drivable rollerskates? It was quite common in the 80s (not saying it's gonna be past day though)

- Miamis Nightlife is a key element of the city. So i definitely expect nightclubs in single player. Dancing minigames etc.

- some kind of real estate activity.

- inb4 realistic steak.


Chime in! 

Edited by Dourvas
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This can be inputted in any setting, but I would love a boxing/mma and gym activity for the protagonist. The combat system in RDR 2 is so addicting and knocking people out in the ring would be quite fun lol.  

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Gambling of course. I spent unheathly amount of time playing poker/blackjack in RDR II so I would love to see a casino in "VI". A perfect opportunity to bring back casino to a singleplayer mode.

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Of there'll be a lot of exotic cars so I expect car stealing missions and bringing them to someone


Drug smuggling is also a likely activity 

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Hope to see Leaf Links and the golf minigame return, would be nice to go golfing in Vice City. 

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5 hours ago, EGA_6 said:

This can be inputted in any setting, but I would love a boxing/mma and gym activity for the protagonist. The combat system in RDR 2 is so addicting and knocking people out in the ring would be quite fun lol.  

Backyard fights like Kimbo Slice :kekw:






Dominoes from RDR2 return.

Edited by Zello
  • KEKW 3
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Hopefully we'll see more aquatic related missions/activities. Scuba-diving and boat race will definitely return, along with drug smuggling missions with boat or submarine (depending on the era, the latter most likely only happen for modern era). 


Plus, I want to see parasailing or windsurfing. 

Travel experience : parasailing in Miami 🌊 #miami #activity #travel |  Kyoto travel, Kyoto japan travel, Japan travel

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in the end this wont be set in vice city but in liberty city

i can already smell dem tears of disappointment and false hope :kekw:

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Alright, let's guess!

- Hurricanes and winds. Agree with you here. Would also add certain buildings degrading and being restored overtime.

- Nightlife most definitely, also agree. Especially considering the fact that Rockstar seem to like nightclubs based on some of the GTA Online content.

- Designated collectibles for the Everglades/swamp area akin to Orchids in RDR 2

- A well-designed side activity that will involve drugs. Empire building, smuggling, hell, maybe even producing, I don't know, but certainly expect something of the sort to appear.

- A whole bunch of various interiors where we will be meeting strangers and freaks and doing missions for them. Otherwise, the interiors will mostly be empty, but as always, very well-designed.

- Anonymous payphone assassination/drug smuggling missions just like in GTA VC. 

- A whole bunch of water-related activities. 

- A larger variety of minigames and customization options 

- I expect strangers and freaks as well as regular side missions to become more complex, lenghty and engaging. Both writing and gameplay drastically improved. Something more RPG-like.

Edited by RenegadeAngel
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Volleyball would be a good addition, it could be what Bowling and Tennis were for GTA IV and V.


Jugadores de voleibol en Miami Beach despedidos de los tribunales para  acomodar el Super Bowl LIV - LaPatilla.com

Edited by The Tracker
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I'd love to hunt Gators in the Glades. GTAV had some hunting, but RDR2 took it to a new level where I could just spend hours in the wilds immersing myself. I'd like more of that, whether it be an 80's or 20's setting.

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18 hours ago, Zello said:



Surfing - very obvious one


Fishing - from RDR2, other than animations and being used as an activity to bond with companions there's nothing else that needs to be improved on in this.


Roller skating - PS5's haptic feedback would be utilized for this, I'd imagine when you're wearing the roller skates the controls to glide would be the back triggers, L2 (left foot), R2 (right foot).



Chop Shop - similar to BJ's autos side content in Vice City. Stealing various vehicles and bringing them to the chop shop.


Dancing - in Nightclubs, at a beach party or mansion party.



Karaoke - Sleeping Dogs comes to mind, I think Yakuza has it also. Would be amusing seeing the protagonist (and maybe even companions) singing off key.


Drug Dealing - if the game is about 80's cartels.

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Air Hockey.

I dont even know why rockstar didnt put the best minigame in GTA V/Online


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testarossa 86

although this is not something totally exclusive to Vice City, I like the businesses the game had.

GTA V had this as well, but Vice City's businesses I feel were more fun to own and even offered interior spaces for most of them.

perhaps something that allows the player to build on their businesses and assets more than just a daily paycheck that pops up on the screen.

I was sort of disappointed that the businesses in GTA V lacked a interactive feeling other than an occasional text message that you had to "save" the place from being robbed or whatever.

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