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The Boy Mission

Daenerys Targaryen

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Daenerys Targaryen

So, I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if it's just me. When I go to start a mission for the boy, I know they're all random but recently, I seem to have hit some sort of glitch? The mission is the one about offing a loudmouth in Valentine. When I accepted the mission, nothing happened. So, I left the town and came back and revisited the boy only to be given a completely different mission that actually worked. Has anyone been able to complete the loudmouth one? I just find it incredibly odd that it would be offered and then it's like the mission doesn't exist. 


I should mention, it's happened to me twice with the same mission.

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I can't remember having a "loudmouth" one from him.


I wonder if it does that when the guy was recently killed by someone else, or something.


I've had what you mention happen on various missions, though, where it just kind of sits

there after you try to accept and their prompts are grayed out. Then, like you say, I go

away if it doesn't let me accept another one.


My "boy" mission was rescuing 3 people in a camp who were hogtied by the "law"; then I use

the wagon there to transport them. It went off fine. I have the best luck with him when I'm at my

camp around Hennington's stead, so the Boy is at Flatneck station rather than in Valentine,

fewer players around then for sure. I was still nervous, it was a bit far driving the people

in the wagon to Rhodes while in Offensive.


Edited by Krommer
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Daenerys Targaryen

@Krommer I can't recall, honestly. It could have been when the guy was recently killed by someone else, but I don't think so because the first time with this particular mission, they didn't have the guys facing off and killing the other. I've also had it happen with bounties as well which makes me think it's a widespread glitch and not centered around the stranger missions. 


@4eyedcoupe No, he literally goes into detail about someone spouting off about him and that he would personally handle it himself but would rather give the "player" the pleasure. Wish Youtube had a video on it I'd link it. xD

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ok, I'm positive I have done that one before.  I have had the same issue with pretty much every free roam mission giver at some point or another.  I'd accept mission, nothing would happen so I re-aproach the stranger only to be given another mission.  I feel like it has happened a lot with Sean by Blackwater

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