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How to avoid becoming toxic in GTA online?


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4 hours ago, FrancisMcReary said:


Well, I missed the enjoyment and was about to stop playing because of that. It's inverted; I was trying to re-invigorate. Wrecking other people's stuff is still fun, but I never did it because I know it's toxic. I'm glad about the discussions in this thread and the good ideas I received, but haven't been playing since and got less of a drive to do it ever since and now it's gone completely. Me and GTA are ex partners. You were 100% right but I'm far from sensitive to addiction on a personal, individual level.

Good post and the only right conclusion came from you. It's done and over. Because the problem may not have been addiction, it sure as hell was me. Sincerely, I appreciate your post. 

Good for you, buddy, I appreciate your kind words also. Most of what I say is from my own experiences and not a direct hit at you.


Becoming toxic and messing up other people's stuff in freemode as a way of reinvigorating your interest in the game is not the way to go, especially as you're not that type of player to begin with. That little voice inside you, your conscience, will tell you you're being an asshole, over and over again, until you eventually believe it and become a giant walking anus for real. If you enjoy being an asshole, great, many millions of people use GTA online and other games to vent off and take away the burden of real life, but if you go to bed feeling stressed out, unfulfilled and generally unhappy then you should appreciate that it's not working for you.


Congratulations on choosing not to go down the sink hole!


Edited by Jenkiiii
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