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Who became the leader of The North Holland Hustlers?

JaeDan 101

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After Dwayne or Playboy X died, who became the leader of The North Holland Hustlers? I'm talking about in-game, not the GTAF gang "North Holland Hustlers". It's impossible that Dwayne will become the leader, because he is one of the choices on who you will kill and it makes the story confusing in the future. Same as PBX. Who do you think is the new leader of the gang?

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Either Playboy or Dwayne, depending on your choice. I kind of think sparing Dwayne is cannon, because you can unlock the ability to ask Dwayne for backup at 100% Like status, and the 2 goons are always Hustlers members.

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Playboy X was already the leader even after Dwayne's release, which means that him asking Niko to kill Dwayne doesn't change anything.


However, in the case of Playboy X's death, the leader of the biggest bunch of North Holland Hustlers is most likely Dwayne.


But as Jeansowaty said, remember that the Hustlers are a bunch of loose sets, so that doesn't necessarily mean that either of Playboy X or Dwayne is and/or was the leader of the entire Hustlers gang. Take the East Holland Hustlers as an example, whose leader was Clarence Little.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL
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The Tracker
On 4/5/2021 at 2:49 PM, Jeansowaty said:

There is no leader. They're a loose bunch of chapters.


Not as a whole, thought.


Edited by The Tracker
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