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linking to amazon

Go to solution Solved by bmagee,

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Always get answers from this forum - thanks all - so here's another problem...

Trying to link amazon prime to my rockstar account but nothing seems to be working. It may be my fault somewhere down the line but I have got no awards or acknowledgement of joining yet I now seem to have 2 log-ins - one barney 741 and another barney 471.

Is there any way I can delete one of these and change my link from the incorrect rockstar membership to the correct one?

If I could delete my membership to one of these accounts perhaps I can start again with trying to link my amazon account, yet whenever I log in it seems to assign the wrong member name to me.

It would be great to get the $200k gta bonus as I seem to be losing as much game money ( getting 'wasted', taxes etc ) as I earn.


Or could I merge the two accounts ( as it's really the same one )

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Just wondering - have you already tried going to the Linked Accounts page on the Social Club site, unlinking your Amazon account, logging out, logging in and then re-linking your Amazon account? 



If not give that a go and then head over to the Amazon page linked here (https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/gtaonline?). Log in there and if something pops up saying you've successfully claimed, you should be golden. If it doesn't say that specifically, click the blue "Link Account" button on the left and check the next page to see you have the right details listed and a tick next to all the relevant things.

It should look similar to this image.
If not, give it a few days and check again. If you still have issues then you may need to shoot off a support request to Rockstar and ask them to look into things. 


Good luck! 

Edited by Gaffa
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  • Solution

Thanks Gaffa, I'll check out the links and post what happens. It's trivial, I know, but it would be nice to get it sorted.

Still enjoying gta - still confused by many things but it's a welcome distraction from real life 

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Thanks again. I think it's all ok now; at least they have put $200,000GTA in my account - which is nice. I followed you links and changed my username to the correct one. 



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