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There must be a right to delete your account

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Just like on GTAForums, the DYOM website users also must have a right to have both their accounts and information removed under the EU GDPR or CCPA. Currently, not even a single user is able to have his account and information removed, not even the ones who live where the EU GDPR or CCPA laws are applied. What makes the DYOM website so special that not even these laws are applied to them?! For now, the most a user can do is to remove his profile information and to request a moderator to remove his missions, comments and ratings. That's all you can do.


What should be removed?

  • Any personal information within the meaning of the GDPR and CCPA (usernames, email addresses, IP addresses..)
  • Any ability to access the account
  • Ability to retrieve any data connected to the account


I've noticed that the website's administrators @PatrickW and @Dutchy3010 are currently not active, so the moderators should be given an ability to remove requested accounts. I'm sure that there are many users who'd like to have their accounts removed.

Edited by Pofkis
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"the EU GDPR or CCPA laws"
jeez, calm down kid. A "right" too? Listen to yourself. it's just a small site for a GTA mod that has an oversight.


Nobody is deliberately saying that DYOM is a "special site" where it is allowed to be impossible.

There's not even a lot of data that you CAN connect to your account, it's all extremely barebones because it's only purpose is hosting missions. Nobody's gonna wanna sell your data off some low-rent backalley site that's only used for hosting custom GTA missions anyway.

Edited by Curtis
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@Curtis I was only asking the website's administrors to delete my account, which is a peace of cake. And I even didn't get an answer. I wonder what's so extremely difficult when it comes to deleting accounts. Now I even regret registering to that site at all. The lesson I've learned is that you always need to think twice before registering somewhere because you always have to check if it's possible to delete your account and data at all if you ever change your mind.

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