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Why Rockstar games support on PC is a joke?!

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I can't understand why they don't care about customers especially on PC? They have so much money and it seems their Launcher is made by 1 rookie programmer! 
Your security in GTAO without a VPN is a joke! moders can have your IP and Address! 

Rockstar Launcher: ((for some people like me )) still has some problems such as captcha problem - Login problems - and recently I noticed It asks me to log in every time when I want to play LA Noire!(remember me didn't work for me!)

RDR2: Still doesn't support DLSS!!(It's a free magic! More FPS and better AA but they don't care!) 

GTAO/RDO: Full of cheaters - had loading problem till community fixed it after almost 8 years! 
La Noire: Unplayable without community's fix!!!!

GTA III - GTA SA _ GTA VC: Unplayable without community's fix!!!!

GTA IV: It gets stuck in loading sometimes or black screen and ETC

All of their old games are unF**CKingplayable without a community's fix! 

Imagine you buy GTA VC from steam and after downloading the game you realize you even can't launch the game! 

The reason I made this topic is WHY THEY DON'T CARE? they have so much money but when it comes to spending money for costumer service they don't care! It's sad to see my fav brand doesn't give a F**K about their fans! I believe some people from RockstarGames are here! please notice this problem after decades!

Edited by WanteD1
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