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The Diamond Casino Heist Tips for New Hosts and Players

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As someone who just started the Diamond Casino Heists a few months ago, after being away from GTA V online a bit, I have gained some insight on the ins and outs of playing this heist from every angle. Here are a few Do's and Dont's, Tips, Tricks, and general musings. 



  • The number one tip I can give new hosts, or any host for that matter is, don't expect your crew to do every hack for you. I have found that a lot of new hosts or hosts at lower levels go into these heists unprepared to do any hacking and expect their crew to do it for them. You are the host, essentially the leader, it is ultimately your job to know these heists inside and out. I realize some are just not good at hacking. For the fingerprint hack, here I have linked a cheat sheet for you at the end of this post. Use this and you will never fail this hack again. That goes for all players. Unfortunately, there is no cheat sheet for the blue dot hack. Practice, practice, practice. You can buy the hack for your arcade and practice until you know how to do it. Now, if you really have trouble with this hack, just give your crew the curtesy of asking for help before the heist starts. Don't just expect them to do it all for you. I am always willing to help a player who asks. And as always, thank your crew by giving them a bigger cut since they did help you and the team out. 
  • Always do the Duggan Shipments Prep Work. I have run into a lot of hosts and players wondering why the guards are either super hard or super easy. It's because of this one 10 minute setup that often gets overlooked. The prep work asks you to blow up 9 or 10 Duggan Shipments around the map in 10 minutes. I suggest you ask one friend for help, but it can be done alone if you use a Buzzard or Sparrow. Just simply blow them all up and the guards will be significantly weaker during the heist. I also suggest you take your time and do this no matter the setup. You may think by doing the Big Con or Silent and Sneaky you wouldn't need to do this prep work, but trust me, as a back up, do it because you never know when it's going to hit the fan. 
  • Get the level 2 keycard, especially if you are not good at hacking. Some hosts have no idea if you hover on the keycard option on your heist prep board you can click over and it will say level 2. Do this instead of the maid. It's simple, and will save you a lot of time. 
  • If you are a lower level host with a crew of upper level players, watch what they do if you are unsure of anything. The Big Con is the biggest example here. When you start this heist with the Bug Stars you want to go left into the laundry room, get the gun bag (but do not arm yourself or shoot anything, yet), then go back out into the lobby and up the stairs like normal. ***There is a BUG here that may trigger if you get too close to a guard. Sometimes they will shoot you. I have seen it happen over a dozen times. But don't panic. They will shoot you once or twice but this does not trigger the alarm. As long as you just keep your weapons concealed and move on, the alarm will not trigger. These guns are your back up plan if you get caught. And trust me, you're probably going to get caught. If you do get caught, now you have the weapons to protect yourself. Another tip here is do not die. Because if you do, you lose those good weapons and will be stuck with the ceramic pistol.
  • As above, the same can be said for Silent and Sneaky. If you are unsure of where to go, let your higher level crew show you. They are here to help after all. And this is how you learn. This is how I have learned as well. I may be a high level player, but I can always learn something new from other players who are more experienced with these heists. For example, it was pointed out to me that while being sneaky around the cameras, if you go near them in first person, it's much harder for them to detect you. That tip has saved my butt countless times. 
  • If you have purchased the helicopter to escape, I suggest texting your crew before leaving the casino so they know where to go or to follow you. Not everyone will see that you purchased it on the heist board, so just give them a heads up.



  • My number one tip for you is listen to what the heist is telling you. For example, if you are doing The Big Con don't jump out of the car and attack the guard at the front door.  You will automatically trigger the alarm and now the heist is going to be much more difficult, if not impossible. During Silent and Sneaky, listen to Lester, don't just shoot every camera and every guard. Make sure you are actually using stealth. Neither of these two setups are going in guns blazing, so please stop doing this. Save guns blazing for the aggressive approach. 
  • Be patient while others are hacking or drilling. Shooting at them or getting in their way is not going to make them hack/drill any faster and it's really distracting. Stop doing this. 
  • Work as a team. If you see another player is unsure of where to go, help them. If they are having problems fighting the guards, help them. 
  • If you are good at hacking, step up and help. I know what I said above for the hosts, but I'm talking about helping in general. Especially in the vault. This way you get the most money. Hack the doors and allow the other players to grab the loot. 



  • The goal of these heists is to have fun and make money. Take it seriously and do what you can to help each other get in and out as fast and efficient as possible. But be patient with each other.
  • Do not quit the heist unless all else fails. Sometimes things are going to go wrong. Don't just give up and quit. I had a host yesterday quit after we got through the vault because he was mad we didn't get the last two cash carts which would have made the alarm trigger. They should have waited for a full crew then, instead of just having 3 people and expecting to get everything, especially with all the doors requiring hacking. Then he sent us messages (I can't say what they said here), yelling at us for it. It's just a game, and honestly two cash carts don't matter when staying under the radar. 
  • These heists are super bugged. Don't assume someone just quit the heist unless you know for a fact they did (as with above the host paused then quit). Sometimes the heist will just bug out and say the CEO quit or a crew member quit, when in fact the server kicked everyone out.
  • Also see the Bug Stars "bug" above. 
  • When fighting after leaving the vault, sometimes no matter if your armor and health is full, one of the guards will one shot kill you. Be careful, and don't assume someone died because they aren't good. It just happens.
  • If the helicopter hasn't been purchased, use the sewer tunnel to the left of the casino. Trust me. You save time, cash, and the risk of dying by going this way. There are still a lot of players who don't know this route. If you have to, watch a YouTube video. 
  • There is a bug after leaving the sewer tunnel and getting on the highway. No matter where the drop location is, always go left out of the tunnel onto the highway and up the coast. If you turn right, the game takes you very close to the casino and 9/10 times you will get an automatic 5 star wanted level again. Just avoid this and go up the left side of the map. 


Well I think that's all I have for now. I hope this helps players out. Feel free to add whatever tips and suggestions you have.


Thanks for reading. 


Fingerprint Hack Guide:


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This isn't really a tip, more a please stop doing this. Over the last week I have been seeing a trend where hosts are quitting the heist because something didn't go exactly as planned. One example, a host quit because someone triggered an alarm. It wasn't the end of the world and no one died. We were almost done. But he quit anyway.


Another example, I was in a heist before. We got to the vault, I hacked 2 doors to get cash. The host did the same, while the third guy just grabbed some cash. I finished on one side of the vault and ran to the other side where the third guy was just standing at a door not hacking it, or even trying to do so. There was only 50 seconds left. No way could I hack the door, get the cash, and get out before triggering the alarm. The host then quits and sends me a very nasty message calling me all sorts of names because I alone didn't get the last bit of cash, even though the other guy just ignored it. Mind you, this was after trying to do this heist with the host for over an hour now because people quit during the first try, and during this time around the third guy yanked the host out of the car. 


My take:

  • Heists aren't going to always go as planned.
  • You do not have the right to message people and harass them for something that didn't go to plan.
  • If you have a problem, ask them calmly. 
  • One loot cash/gold left behind is not the end of the world. Avoiding triggering the alarm is more important because being shot at will make you lose more money in the end. 
  • Be respectful. 
  • It's just a game. We are supposed to be having fun. 

Thank you for reading and please add whatever tips or suggestions you have. 

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Here's my main tips for new hosts:


You can do all Casino heist preps in Invite Only sessions. Free of griefers.

If a prep has you retrieve only one item (eg. Hacking device, patrol routes) do it SOLO. If you bring a crew on that prep, it will require the whole crew to go through the mission together, enter and exit the building together, wait for everyone to lose the cops, whatever. Good luck if someone is afk.

Only bring a crew on preps that have you retrieve multiple items. (weapons, getaway vehicles, vault drills/explosives, outfits)


Don't even bother with Bugstars. Nothing screams "unprepared host who doesn't know what he's doing" quite like Bugstars. Usually they didn't do a single optional prep either.

I would rather do Silent and Sneaky, even with randoms, because at least there you can shoot people without setting off the alarm. Bugstars is the worst because it forces you to meelee kill everyone on the way in.

Sure, you can shoot your way in, but if the mission fails, you will respawn with only your ceramic pistol. If you're going to shoot, you should have picked Aggressive.


Scope all the access points, especially the sewer entrance for Aggressive, and the Security Tunnel under the racing track for Gruppe6.

Save Silent&Sneaky for friends, do not attempt with randoms.


The easiest approach with randoms is Aggressive, Sewer entrance, wearing Reinforced armor style (you can buy it if you fail to steal it) And make sure you actually wear the "Reinforced" armor styles, not the cosmetic ones. That is the second worst n00b mistake I see hosts make. (the first one is not scoping the security tunnel and being stuck with Bugstars on big con)

Do Duggan shipments to the best of your ability. 3 kills removes the helmets. 6 kills reduces their armor and weapons to medium, all 10 kills reduces them to the weakest (pistols or uzi and no armor)


Or do Big Con with Gruppe6 entrance and use Firemen exit disguise. You can skip Duggan Shipments on Big Con because you never need to shoot the guards, only meelee them.

If the alarm goes, let the guards kill you, or gas yourself inside the vault, and quick restart.


Always steal Level 2 keycards, so you don't have to do the blue dots hack on the keypad. You risk getting spotted by the guards, or failing the hack and setting off the alarm.



Edited by AirWolf359
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For me, this heist separates the players who are serious about doing it and the ones that are lazy tbh. It isn't like previous heists where everything you need is a mandatory prep or given to you on a plate.

My take on this and other heists, the longer you are in the building/area/whatever the higher the chance is of you or your crew being killed/shot at and loosing the take. So, do all preps that are relevant and make it easier for yourself to get out alive.

Examples include; Completing the Duggan Shipments, Level 2 keycard (it frustrates me immensely when this prep isn't done) Patrol Routes if going in S+S or Big Con. They look, sound and probably are tedious but the effect they have is worth the 5/10 minute job.

I agree with the first post.

If you are the host, you are the leader, you should be well prepared for what's happening but also for picking your crew. If you see a low level join you, ask yourself 'Does this person know what to do?' I'm aware some players have 2 or 3 characters and may be well experienced, but there's no harm in asking with a mic 'Do you know what you're doing?'

I simply won't take part in the DDH Part 3 Finale if I see a low level player, it simply wastes everyone's time. That heist is difficult enough without you having to 'take care' of another player. Some will disagree and argue 'How are low level players ever supposed to rank up and get better if people like you are around?'

Good point, the DDH is not for inexperienced players. 🤷‍♂️

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