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MC product & stock went empty without raid

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Hello everybody.. I’m a new player n I’ve been playing gta 5 online since February this year. I really like it! Yesterday, my MC cocaine lockup went totally empty! I didn’t get any call from LJT informing me there will be a police raid! I was even not register as a president. I was perplexed and confused how this thing happened. I thought maybe there’s a game glitch maybe? But today, it went empty again and yes, there was no call from LJT ! Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix this? I’ve spent so many hours & money to keep all my MC business full .. I’m getting a bit paranoid to play again tomorrow..

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Hi welcome to the game and the forums,

Not sure if it a bug glitch or what, or if it is a common thing effecting other players, I do not really use my biker buisiness.

But I think your best option is to raise a ticket with Rockstar, they are pretty good and will probably award you some GTA $ compensation.

Did your upgrades go missing as well?

What platform are you on?

Also as I said I do not grind this, but I think that most people sell well before getting full up to avoid chances of a raid.

Like with my nightclub I will sell at 144 units because you do not get raided until stock is over that amount.


Edited by MechanicMammal
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Do you have Staff and Equipment upgrades installed in your business? Without Equipment upgrade, you don't get a lot of product from your supplies.

As for registering as MC, yes, you can get raided without getting the phone call, usually when you have just finished another mission, but you have to be MC president.

If you need anything from another business, do it as CEO, avoid MC if you can.

Edited by AirWolf359
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Ugh. Come to think of it, a few weeks ago I noticed my Counterfeit Cash Factory fell into a similar sort of situation.
I never go "outdoors" whilst registered as an MC President and wouldn't have ignored a raid notification if one was indeed going on. And even then, I would've seen the timer in the bottom right and nada. 
But sure as hell one time when I went into the Arcade and hit the Master Control Terminal, I was told I had to re-set-up the business again and I was like "huh???"


Seeing other reports since and things being a bit random it does make me wonder whether something isn't working quite 100%. 
Hopefully everyone gets some sort of resolution eventually. 

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